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BirdBrain333 10-27-2010 06:43 PM

Crealock 37 Anchor Locker
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Dear folks, As much as I love this boat the anchor locker is simply too small. The chain piling up just as the anchor is about to break free is not just a pain but also a safety hazard. I am therefore considering removing the plywood "bulkhead" which can be seen inside the fold-down door in the second of the two pictures below and dedicating this space for the usually unused last bit of the primary anchor rode. Any reason NOT to do this?? Obviously I would supply ventilation to the deck and a beefed up door latch. Anything else I should consider?

Many thanks, Jay

PSC 37 # 171, Kenlanu

DGriffith 10-27-2010 09:49 PM

Don;t see why you could not remove the bulkhead, Just seal the door in the picture and open a lid in the shelf behind the upper door like our 37 #249.
I would agree that the anchor locker is a problem. Yours is better than mine as I have a split locker port to starboard that Nigal Calder cut out of his 40 when he took delivery. I have only 1/2 of the bulkhead in your pics. Do it first and I will do it second. Doug Grifith PSC37#249 Kindred Spirit.

DMD 10-28-2010 07:26 PM

What you are describing is similar to how our boat is set up, except instead of the bulkhead being removed, there is a (approx) 3" diameter hole from the main chain locker into the cabinet at the foot of the berth. We usually keep 150' of 3/8"chain in the starbord side of the main chain locker, with another 250' of 5/8" line in the cabinet. When paying out the rode, the line pulls out of the cabinet as needed. When weighing anchor the line must be pulled through the hole into the cabinet manually until chain appears, then the chain fills the starbord side of main chain locker. There is a stainless steel "grommet" through the hole to prevent wear on the plywood bulkhead. I think a previous owner probably added the hole, as the stainless grommet looks like a custom part. After use, I usually leave the door to the cabinet open when we leave the boat so that the line can dry.

Crealock 37 #151

DMD 10-28-2010 07:40 PM

After re-reading my post above, I realized I never got to the point of my long story. What I meant to suggest is that if you are concerned about removing the whole bulkhead, why not just add a hole and see if it meets your needs? You can always remove the bulkhead later if the hole doesn't work out.

BirdBrain333 10-31-2010 05:03 PM

Thanks, Dave and Doug,

I like the idea of the 3 or 4" hole rather than removing the entire partition -- basically we rarely use the last 150' of anchor rode so I suspect that the two lockers will sort themselves out just fine.

I'll post pictures over the winter and a report next spring!


PSC 37, # 171, Kenlanu

BirdBrain333 11-18-2010 05:54 PM

Anchor Locker Before And After
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As you can see I went with the idea of cutting a hole rather than cutting out the bulkhead. While my glass work around the edge of that hole may not earn me a slot at Hinkley's, it is nice and smooth and slippery.

What truly amazed me was that all but 30' of the 300' of 5/8" brait fit in the "new" section of the anchor locker without even coming up to the door! The louver may therefore be a bit of overkill but some ventilation can't hurt, right?

We will be using 90' of 3/8 BBB (what our gypsy takes) which I think is going to fall nicely off the windlass now. Can't wait to try it -- but that is 5.5 months away (not that I'm counting!).

Thanks for great advice on this one,


PSC 37, Kenlanu

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