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fishtrip 03-21-2011 08:00 AM

Hatch replacement on PSC 37
Hi Group,
I'm going to replace the overhead hatches on Cloud Messenger and wondering what others have used. Also want to know what PSC is using on the new boats and refits.
I'm posting here first hoping I'll get my info without bothering Thumper about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated including any info on the actual removal and replacement of the hatches.
Thanks in advance,
David Schachter
Cloud Messenger
1994 PSC 37 #293
Currently in N. Florida

P.S. Also, I'll have some (I think 6) new Hatch Latches.... dogs for sale for the Bomar series 100 cast hatches that I bought when I thought I could save the hatches. they were never installed.

AlLorman 03-21-2011 08:26 AM

Pardon my ignorance, but what happened to your Bomar hatches that would require their replacement? My new-to-me PSC 31 only has one, and it was not in great shape. But it was relatively easy to take the frame down to bare aluminum and repaint, then install a new acrylic lens and gasket. I'm sure I didn't spend much more than $75. There's also a company that will do all of this for you for about half the cost of a new hatch.

Al Lorman
PSC 31 No. 55, s/v Ann West

fishtrip 03-21-2011 08:51 AM

Hi Al,
The story is that when I purchased Cloud Messenger in 2009 the PO's were just about to pull the trigger on new hatches since the originals we very blistered, and getting hard to close.
I decided at the time to not replace the hatches, but at this point the forward hatch is literally starting to fall apart. I guess I could take the hatches out and have a welder fix them up. sandblast, repaint, new acrylic, arms & dogs, gaskets, etc. I just figured that for not too much more money (I guess that's a relative term!) I could start new.
I really don't know if this is normal for these hatches after 16-17 years, or maybe just a bad batch?
Still interested to find out what PSC uses these days and what others have used for replacements.

RainDog 03-21-2011 10:33 AM

I am facing the same dilemma, but decided to get mine restored instead of replacing them. Restoration costs 1/3 of what a new hatch costs and would not require a removal and re-install.

I am going to go with Select Plastics, LLC: Marine Hatch Repair.

The quote I got is $400 per hatch, which does not include new riser arms or dogs. I am about to send the first one in. I will report back, with pictures, once it is complete.

They provide an 18 month warranty and if you send them pictures of your hatch, they will tell you if they think it is worth refurbishing.

fishtrip 03-21-2011 12:32 PM

Thanks for the info, but not sure how mine would get restored without removing them since they need to be welded.
$400 for what? If you're not removing the hatches, are they coming out to your boat to do the work? Also, If you do need parts from Bomar I hope you'll check the prices. I was a bit shocked!


fishtrip 03-21-2011 12:40 PM

C'mon Group....... Somebody reading this must either know what PSC is using these days or what you personally have used to replace the worn out Bomars.
Thanks, David

BluesHarp 03-21-2011 01:26 PM

The factory has gone to stainless steel because of the paint bubbling issue, but I cannot recall which brand. We have removed the 'glass', wire brushed, used 2 part zinc chromate, followed by Awlcraft primer and then Awlcraft finished. I have never removed the bottom section from the boat, but painted it in place. We used inverted black plastic cement mixing pans to cover the openings while the tops were off the boat. Be very careful removing the stainless bolts holding the locking arms, as they like to snap off after seating in aluminum for decades.

RainDog 03-21-2011 02:16 PM

All new parts (2 x riser arm, 2 x dogs) are $215 per hatch. A new hatch is $875 (for the same model). It is a hard call. It depends on if you think a refurb is nearly good-as-new or not.

arisatx 03-21-2011 06:45 PM


Originally Posted by fishtrip (Post 711239)
C'mon Group....... Somebody reading this must either know what PSC is using these days or what you personally have used to replace the worn out Bomars.
Thanks, David

The boats they had at Annapolis 2009 had Hood Stainless hatches. Not sure they are same dimensions as Bomar. I believe the Bomars are some of the most stout hatches built, IMHO. You have to watch for galvanic corrosion between the SS hardware and the cast Almag, but otherwise, they'd be my first choice.

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