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brokesailor 06-06-2011 06:39 PM

Galley instrument panel
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This is the galley corner coming down the companionway steps on my Crealock 37. Every time you come down in a hurry you snag something, fuse holder, switch, etc. Any ideas on how to make it better. The stove fuse holder won't take too many more hits.

SlowButSteady 06-06-2011 06:57 PM

Get a couple of lengths of SS round stock long enough to run the full length of your panel. Mount them some sort of "feet", such that they up and down either side of the panel, and are raised a little further off the surface than the switches/knobs/what-have-you projecting furthest from the surface. Alternatively, you could make the moulding on either side of the panel project further out by attaching a strip of teak; maybe with a cross piece or two to keep them from getting torqued off when someone bumps into the panel.

GraemeInCanada 06-14-2011 12:21 AM

Given a bit of time and a small amount of money I think I would take them all off, cut out part of that panel that they all sit in, push it back about 2 inches so that the most extended piece sits almost flush with the now cut piece, then install a rolling shutter kind of door on it that can either be pulled down from above or up from below. Down seems better..

Anyways, my idea looks like a door on a bread box, a bunch of small pieces put together to create a rollable door, if that makes sense. Then you can hide it all and get rid of the catching items all in one go.

Just a thought off the top of my head.

brokesailor 06-15-2011 03:56 AM

Great idea Graeme but way over my cpability.

deniseO30 06-15-2011 08:55 AM

clear plexi with each side in a grooved piece of wood (teak?) so you can slide it up to access the controls. Or, hinged on one side.

GraemeInCanada 06-15-2011 11:04 AM

OK. What about a hinged acrylic panel? You can head into any shop and they'll shape one out for you no problem. Just one piece of 3/16 maybe, have them heat the parts that need bending to attach it to the cabinet and drill a couple of holes for each hinge to attach it to. A small magnet to keep it closed.. It'll essentially be a clear lid. Measure the area, the height it needs to clear and you should be good to go. Simple I think?

GraemeInCanada 06-15-2011 11:05 AM

oh.. I didn't see Denise's suggestion before I posted. Same idea :)

RainDog 06-16-2011 04:25 PM

Slight variation....

You could buy a clear, cast, acrylic tube the same outside diameter as the width of the flat panel. Cut it in half, so you are left with a semi-circle of clear acrylic. Hinge it at one side. Same effect, but since it is rounded it will not create a sharp corner and will not hit the switches.

hellosailor 06-16-2011 04:42 PM

Denise gets the prize. raindog, you get the aesthetic prize--but putting a round cover over the panel will make it impossible to read what's under it, especially as it scratches.

Boy, would I LOVE to hear Crealock's excuse for why that stuff is located there. No doubt there's a case of cheap tequila and a rush deadline involved.

billbalme 06-16-2011 07:38 PM

My "Old" Toodle--oo! didn't have that panel at all. I'd get rid and relocate everything - give you a nice project to work on - it'll end up in re-wiring the whole boat!!!

(What's wrong with keeping a name?) :-) especially when it's a good'un!

"New" Toodle-oo!
Outbound 44 #27

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