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sailak 09-11-2012 12:38 PM

PSC 37 How many have done away with staysail?
I'm in the process of buying a PSC 37. It was advertised as a Cutter rigged boat however the staysail stay has been removed. The owner states he has the stay and staysail, however the sail is in poor condition.

How many of you use the stays'l? Is it worth the cost/effort to replace or does the 37 do fine without it?

We're down to testicle trimming time in the negotiations and I'm wondering how strong of a point the stays'l and innerstay is.

Thanks for thoughts and comments.

Alannc44 09-11-2012 01:53 PM

Re: PSC 37 How many have done away with staysail?
I just never bothered installing my forestay because of where I sail. I tack a lot so it just seems like one more thing to get in the way of the genoa, which by the way is a 150. If I had it to do again, I'd go for something like a 125 or smaller and possibly try the cutter setup just for kicks and grins. The forestay, which is still coiled up, looks so easy to install. With the halyard in place already I just use it to raise and lower the dinghy....which by the way serves VERY well. I have no complaints about the way mine sails with genny and main only. Perhaps when it's blowing over 30 would I really begin to appreciate a staysail as a storm jib. ~Alan

wbrownell9 09-11-2012 09:22 PM

Re: PSC 37 How many have done away with staysail?
I'll be removing my stay soon, I'd have done it before now but I keep leaving my climbing gear home. My genoa is a 140 that reefs to 110 and I simply can't tack without either rolling it up or going on the foredeck to help it through. Last Saturday it was blowing 20-25 and it STILL wouldn't blow through when reefed to 110. Part of the issue is me, I'm sure - the boat is new to me and I always sail singlehanded so I felt like a one-armed paperhanger with hives trying to manage the wheel, the sheets, (the furler,) and the running backstays. OTOH, I've sailed other cutter-rigged boats singlehanded and not had a problem.

tdw 09-11-2012 11:11 PM

Re: PSC 37 How many have done away with staysail?
We've had this problem since we bought our new girl. Ye verily tis a pain in the butt to deal with. Or at least it was until the wonderful SailNutter Jon Eisberg (joneisberg) posted this pic in another thread.

We've now done the same thing. Keeps the stay tucked up out of way and at a suitable tension so the damn thing doesn't perform the boom crash opera when the stay is to leeward.

So it means quite simply that when playing around in sheltered waters where constant tacking is to be expected its out of the way but a simple task to reinstall if we are heading out on passage . Single day passages we leave as is, we'd only refit the thing if heading offshore or on a long coastal.

samchristo 09-12-2012 09:13 AM

Re: PSC 37 How many have done away with staysail?
One of our few regrets on the boat is that we didn't put a furler on the staysail. We use it often, and when the wind pipes up we use it almost exclusively if beating to weather. The only issue is who's going to get wet and tossed around when going forward to rig the sail.
We have a yankee on the forestay so tacking is rarely a problem. The downside to the yankee is that the clew's too high off the deck. We also use a pole - a lot - when sailing downwind and like to rig a third sheet for the pole (check Evans Starzinger's solution at With a high clew on the yankee I end up having to stand on the mast pulpits to reach the clew. Causes consternation with the admiral when we're in any sort of weather.
If you have problems dragging a foresail across the staysail forestay you might try either a continuous line sheet (we attach the yankee sheet with a Brummel splice) or a soft shackle. Either option eliminates the bit of sail aft of the clew that tends to hang on the stay.

svjobeth 09-12-2012 09:16 AM

Re: PSC 37 How many have done away with staysail?
We removed our inner forestay on Jo Beth (a 34, not a 37...) as it was in the way with regard to our current sailing practices - mostly inshore and near coastal, lots of tacking, etc. When we're offshore more regularly and making longer runs, we plan to put it back up. Besides, our running backs need replacing as does the staysail itself.

However, I am wondering: we've been doing lots of rigging updates (new traveler, halyards, sheets, taken the Yankee down and put the 120 on the forestay, etc.) and haven't sailed yet without the inner forestay in place. Has anyone found it necessary to tweak or fine-tune-adjust the standing rigging?

NortenoSailor 09-12-2012 06:47 PM

Re: PSC 37 How many have done away with staysail?
I love the flexibility of having the staysail ready to go if the wind is going to be above 20kts and find myself using it often, so much so that I am having the hanked on staysail converted to use a furler. With the stay in place, without the sail, it can be problematic tacking with my 150 genoa, but when the staysail is up, it is quite easy to tack. I am hoping that my new set-up with a furled staysail will allow easier tacking of the genoa then just the bare stay.

Alannc44 09-13-2012 08:23 AM

Re: PSC 37 How many have done away with staysail?
Very interesting thought about the furled sail making it easier for the 150 to come around... Please let us know if it works! Does the extra sail area of a stay sail help your speed in lighter winds....along with the 150?


valis 09-14-2012 12:39 PM

Re: PSC 37 How many have done away with staysail?
VALIS is a PSC44, but we have a permanent staysail on a furler. We have a 120% genoa with a slightly high clew. It's not a yankee, but it's not a deck-sweeper either (I had the foot cut high for visibility).

* The staysail does help the boat speed in light and moderate air, at least when on a reach.

* In light air the genoa often hangs up on the furled staysail. This happens regardless of the way the sheets are tied to the clew. I've currently got two bowlines, but before that I had a single line with a lark's head (cow hitch / luggage-tag) at the clew. It's the sail itself that hangs up, not the knot (usually). Waiting for the genoa to backwind before releasing the sheet sometimes helps, and I can usually horse it around the staysail stay by pulling hard on the sheet, but sometimes one of us has to go forward to pull the sail around the stay. In heavier air the genoa is much less likely to hang up.

* If I partially furl the genoa it doesn't usually get snagged. If I have the staysail unfurled and backwinded, the staysail keeps the genoa from wrapping around the staysail stay and the genoa tacks easily. The staysail is the last sail to be tacked.

* I really like the staysail. In big winds (40 kts +) the boat balances nicely with staysail and deeply-reefed main, or with staysail only. In lighter winds the staysail can help with boat speed. No doubt the staysail is less efficient than a full inventory of properly-sized jibs, but with my roller-furled sails the staysail gives me some nice options.

* Finally, the staysail just looks good. I sometimes fly that thing just because it makes the boat look pretty.

sailak 09-14-2012 01:06 PM

Re: PSC 37 How many have done away with staysail?

Originally Posted by valis (Post 922165)
* Finally, the staysail just looks good. I sometimes fly that thing just because it makes the boat look pretty.

That alone is reason enough!!

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