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niftynickers 10-29-2012 12:56 PM

Hurricane Sandy
Hope everyone on the East coast is safe and dry and that all our boats are safe and secure as we await Sandy's landfall.We managed to get NiftyNickers Hauled and secured Sunday then breathed a large sigh of relief.This is supposed to be a monster storm with huge surge and full moon tides.Here in NJ we are the bullseye in the storms sights.
Good luck to all,
Stay safe,
Dianne and Chuck Burke S/V NiftyNickers C37 #139

sachemgfp 10-30-2012 07:51 AM

Re: Hurricane Sandy
Hope all is well the day after. Glad you got Niffy Nickers safe & sound. Awaiting news from Long Island Sound area.

George S/V SACHEM # 335

samchristo 10-30-2012 09:19 AM

Re: Hurricane Sandy
Hope all is well with you and Dianne. And NiftyNickers.
We only had a 5.5 ft tide in the Chesapeake - no damage but a bit soggy.

Sam and Ginger
s/v Grace PSC34

BluesHarp 10-30-2012 03:05 PM

Re: Hurricane Sandy
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Sandy was 200 miles offshore when she passed Oriental NC and water was over the docks here on a creek off the Neuse River.

Attachment 12549

niftynickers 11-02-2012 12:38 PM

Re: Hurricane Sandy
Sandy hit NJ with a roundhouse right.She swept into Raritan Bay with a 13.5ft surge on top of a full moon high tide.Altho NiftyNickers was on the hard she was knocked off her stands by a large power boat that was in the water that came ashore with the surge.It caused a domino effect knocking 3 other sailboats over and ours was number 4.At this point I cannot get aboard to accurately assess but she doesnt seem to have any hull or mast damage.The radar arch is bent and solar panels destroyed and the wind genny has broken blades all external to the structure of the boat.It will be several days before we can get aboard and check her out.The marina looks like a war zone with piles of boats 20-30-40 piled atop each other.All of the floating docks broke loose and they and the boats tied to them all went up the river bank.Strangely other boats are just sitting on their stands amid the destruction as tho nothing had happened.Its a scene of bent and broken masts and broken boats amid broken docks and destroyed buildings.I think Nifty Nickers dodged the bullet with only a graze instead`of a heart shot.A friend in another marina had his Irwin 34 out and covered next to a large cinder block building.The building disappeared and his boat was demolished so totally that he cant find the masts.(it was a ketch)We are fine as our condo is not on the water.We lost electric power during the storm and it is still out today(Friday).Staten Island NY took the worst of it with more than 20 killed and uncountable homes destroyed.Utility services are still out and sanitary sewers are not working,but the NYC marathon which begins on Staten Island will be run
They are evicting survivors from hotels to make room for the marathoners.Incredible!

BluesHarp 11-02-2012 01:09 PM

Re: Hurricane Sandy
Glad to hear you are okay, but they should cancel that marathon! I might know where there is a stern rail that we took off a 37. It was solid and had no opening for a swim ladder if you are interested.

niftynickers 11-02-2012 09:25 PM

Re: Hurricane Sandy
Blues Harp
I may well be interested in that stern pulpit-have to see what the insurance company says.Will be afew days before the CAT team gets to me but I will be in touch.
Dianne and Chuck Burke S/V NiftyNickers

niftynickers 11-10-2012 12:25 PM

Re: Hurricane Sandy
NiftyNickers is back on her keel.They righted her yesterday (Friday).The hull has a couple of scratches (repairable) and the rudder is a bit hard to turn,she was partially lying on the skeg and rudder.The radar arch is toast along with thesolar panels and radar.The mast and rigging all seem fine and the cabin altho a mess doesnt seem to be wet or smell of fuel.The stern rail is also toast and our outboard motor on the stern rail needs some attention.She fell on top of 2 jack stands and they are flattened,2 small scratches in the hull where they were.Tough boat!
An older PSC Mariah was swept about 100 yds across the gravel yard by the surge and suffered a couple of scratches and some toe rail damage.
Compared to the devastation surrounding us we fared very well.

Dianne and Chuck Burke S/V NiftyNickers C37 #139

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