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wmjr 11-10-2012 11:13 AM

coolant leak heater
I started losing several ounces of coolant in reservoir. I was very relieved it turned out not to be as not the engine when I saw coolant pooling below the Atwood heater, but now I think I have to remove the heater to find the leak.

There is no sign of a leak at any of the hose connections I can see at the front but it is so crowded with hoses it is difficult to see anything. The coolant only appears when the engine is running. It is mostly from the right side as you face the heater but there are older signs of pinkish stain coming out from under the heater toward the center and left as well.

Does anyone have any advice about getting at the leak? Are there secrets to removing the heater from the very tight space?

PSC 31 #28

wmjr 11-10-2012 02:10 PM

Re: coolant leak heater
Upon further review, climbing under the sink I can see two hoses at the back of the heater. One clearly has a leak. It looks extraordinarily difficult to get at the hose and even more difficult to replace it. The hose runs down a small hole with several other hoses then along the fuel tank out of sight and then emerges in the bilge.

If anyone has done this I would appreciate whatever advice you can give.

John PSC 31 #28

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