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scuppersinspired 03-26-2013 05:54 PM

Stress Cracking, The "Crealock cracks".
I went to go look at a 1992 37'. Behind the coaming there were some pretty substantial stress cracks about 18" long running mostly parallel. I was told that all the 37's have this cracking issue behind the coaming where it meets the aft deck. He even called it the "Crealock cracks" or something like that.
Do a lot of people have this issue?
Is there a history of water intrusion in this area?
Is there anyway to repair this without having to repaint the whole boat?

I'll being going back to look again and will take some photos.

Thanks Scup

MarcHall 03-27-2013 10:28 AM

Re: Stress Cracking, The "Crealock cracks".
Crazy Fish has stress cracks in the gelcoat along the top of the aft cockpit coaming and where the cockpit coaming meets the deck to the aft.

The ones along the top of the coaming are radial in nature and the ones along coaming to deck interface run parallel to that interface. Cosmetic in nature. No leakage.

In the distant past (I bought the boat new in 1989), the cracks were repaired I believe under warranty by the Pacific Seacraft, before the bankruptcy while they were still in Fullerton, CA.

Over time the cracks have reappeared.

A good gel coat person should have no problem cleaning them up.

Marc Hall
Crazy Fish, Crealock 37, Hull 207
Crazy Fish - Maintaining, Upgrading and Sailing a Crealock 37

niftynickers 03-27-2013 09:04 PM

Re: Stress Cracking, The "Crealock cracks".
My 1982 Crealock 37 does not have these Crealock cracks, perhaps the owners of the company in the early 1990s a Japanese group I believe, tried to save some money on their fiberglass layups.Those were trying times for the boat building industry and some shortcuts were taken by many builders.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy many structural defects and shoddy workmanship have become very evident.In my boatyard alone many late model boats from major builders have been declared total losses as they literally came apart at the seams or had keels fall off and these boats were on the hard when the storm hit.Same boatyard,same storm,NiftyNickers had some cosmetic damage and a bent rudder shaft.
Best of luck,
Dianne and Chuck Burke S/V NiftyNickers C37 #139

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