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mightyhorton 12-07-2008 11:19 AM

Where is Most Active Passport Forum/Discussion?
The old Sailnet Passport email list serve was pretty active (the one stored above under "Resources" > "Email List Archives"). This new forum isn't as active. Does anybody know of a more active Passport forum?

SausalitoDoug 12-19-2008 02:33 PM

I'm not sure. I tried joining the Passport Owner's Association and no on responded. If you find anything, please let me know!

labatt 12-19-2008 10:07 PM

Ditto.. I'd love to find one too. I've got a few questions, none of which I can recall right now, but when I do I need a place to ask them :)

elcapitano 02-07-2009 08:20 AM

Welcome | Passport Owners Association is active but I tried several times over the past few years to join without sucess. No reply. Finally last fall I received a response and am now a member.

I suspect that their software has a glitch or no one is monitors it.

Feel free to send me your email and I will post it to the forum and see if we can get some help on this issue.

They have a new forum in the last year and that may be part of the problem.


Cayenne 02-07-2009 03:53 PM

Passport Discussion: Where to Find It
Passport owners like me around the world were dismayed when SailNet shut down the lists. However, it was nice of them to keep the old files archived.

We of the Passport Owners Association did a couple of things.

1. Revamped Website (Welcome | Passport Owners Association). The site has been relatively quiet, with most of the action moving to the discussion groups. and so...
2. Revived discussion group. I had set up a mailman server, but am converting the whole thing to a google group. You can find it at Passport Owners | Google Groups.

We have about 150 addresses in the group, and are enjoying a lively discussion of floorboards right now. Come on down and give it a try.


wayfarer09 05-15-2009 12:22 AM

Just joined sailnet. Live in Perth Australia. own a Passport 40. interested in joining an association for sharing information. I am trying to purchase or get a copy of drawings or just some if anyone has any. About to remove teak deck as it has worn down and deck screws popping through - any suggestions . Just downloaded an article from sue & larry on their project-very helpful. Any passport owners in australia?

labatt 05-15-2009 08:46 AM

Welcome! You won't find much Passport traffic here, but the Passport Owners Google Group linked above has a bunch of traffic and other Passport owners.

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