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fujimoTammy 08-13-2004 10:42 PM

Storing foods
I am new at this and planing a trip to Australia from FL. I would like to know if there are any tricks to keep my cans from rusting and my eggs fresh? I will be out for six weeks at a time and will need all the help I can get Tammy

Sasha_V 08-14-2004 02:33 AM

Storing foods
There are lots of methods for preserving cans. Starting from varnishing them. I would suggest that far cheaper then varnishing is to peel off the labels (but keep them orgaised in such a way that you know what everything is) and then just dip them into a can of cheap acrylic house-paint. Let dry and then dip in the other way up so you get total coverage. then write the contents on with indelible marker (add a date, or you will have archeological grade can five years form now, and they will still contain all the stuff you couldn''t face eating the first time).
You can also pack the cans into tupperware containers (they make a nice size that fits six cans). Duct-tape the boxes shut till you need them.

As for eggs.Try and buy them directly from a farm. Eggs that have been refrigerated last far less time then eggs that have always been room tempreture.

Some people like to paint the eggs with wax as this creates an impermeable barrier to air (eggshell actually breathes quite readily). You can also buy nifty plastic egg-storers from boating shops which lock together and make it easy to rotate several dozen eggs at a time safely (you should turn the eggs over every two days to get maximum life out of them). Keeping them in a the coolest part of the boat also helps.

Finally, some eggs just DO go bad. Carrying a kilo of powdered egg mix is not a bad idea, as it will let you use most of your recipes even if the fresh eggs all turn their toes up (or grow toes in the first place, for that matter).

Where in Oz are you sailing to?



fujimoTammy 08-15-2004 04:59 AM

Storing foods
My husband is from Sydney, but we are moving to Airlee Beach, Queensland. We will be hitting Perth first and then working our way around the bottom of Australia. Visiting family along the way. Thanks so much for the help. Cheers Tammy

Sasha_V 08-15-2004 04:07 PM

Storing foods
We are in Melbourne (Australia, not Florida). If you need a mooring and some tranportation/native guides (My lady just also contributed; "And laundry facilities"...She seems to think it important :) )when you get down this way, drop me an email (

Watch out around Cape Llewyn...its a doozie!


Billpjr 08-16-2004 06:26 AM

Storing foods
My wife and I spent 2 years cruising in the tropics without refrigeration...or electricity. We stocked cans for 6 months at a time. Our method on cans was to mark the top of each can for contents, remove the label and dip the can in hot liquid wax. It leaves a coating that keeps them from rusting.

The downside is whatever you coat the cans with WILL get in your food. Wax is ok and not a problem but I wouldn''t use paint or any other material that could be hazardous to you health. Try it at home to find out how it works.

We took a few glass items too. Our preferred method was to wrap them in plastic bags that newspapers come in. Those bags are long, narrow and wrap easily...a few bags will provide a cushion and catch any liquid should a break happen. We never had glass break but were careful in packing. The bags are dirt cheap and you can buy them from the paperboy.

Eggs...we bought them straight from the chicken farm before they were processed. 12 dozen at a time. We didn''t coat them or do anything to preserve. 12 dozen lasted us about 2 months before they were eaten. No problems with spoilage.

Johnno 06-25-2005 08:10 PM

Storing foods
Well Tammy it is good to see you are coming to this fine country. And tell your husband "good on yer mate" from me.

There is some very good information on what you need in Annie Hill''s book. Certainly it accords with what I have found and I even learned a few things.

You''ll love Airlie Beach and the surrounds.

sailingdog 03-19-2006 03:09 PM

One other method I've heard of for preserving eggs is to dunk them in boiling water for about 5-10 seconds. This will cook the membrane on the inside of the shell and make it much less permeable, making the eggs last longer. It also sterilizes the exterior of the egg as a side benefit, reducing your chances of getting salmonella from them.

I'd also avoid coating the cans in anything that isn't safe to eat. Coating them in wax is probably safer than coating them in paint. Generally, when you open a can, there will be little particles of whatever the can is coated with getting into the food... Personally, I'm not too fond of eating paint.

Alchemist909 04-28-2006 04:16 PM

As I remember, Lynn Pardy recommended a light coat of vaseline (petrolatum) on the eggs to preserve them. Sounds easier than wax.

sailandoar 04-28-2006 06:07 PM

Open eggs carefully...
I used to buy refrigerated store eggs and keep them without cooling in the southeast USA in the summer. They were probably never kept more than a couple/few weeks and I only had one egg ever go bad, but 'boy was it bad'. Put me off eggs for long time.

IF you keep eggs w/o a fridge it would be good to get in the habit of float testing or sniffing or maybe pricking with a needle and sniffing before breaking because "YOU WILL KNOW RIGHT AWAY" and if you break a rotten egg into a bowl in the galley it will ruin your day. When we go back to living aboard I plan to get into that habit so as not to relive "that terrible day".

S.V._VANTAGE 04-29-2006 06:24 AM

Sprouting rocks !!
While the Europeans were dying off with scurvy and eating boiled grain and salted meat... The Chinese were happily not having to buy barrels of lime juice from the West Indies.... simply sprouting beans and seeds...
Mung Beans sprout really fast...
Alfalfa (lucern as we OzTralians call it) and many other grains/beans, keep for ages and provide ALL the vitamins you'll ever need + minerals when sprouted. (in salt water !!)
Plenty of info on the net re: sprouting.
Fresh is best, and easily attained.. Less cans. Most countries have meals in sachets...
We buy vegeterian meals from an Indian Food shop
product is MTR for distributors worldwide. Yummy indian cooking on the boat comes in very flat box containing a sachet.

Wrap citrus fruits in alumunium (aluminum to you yank types) foil... stays fresh for WAY longer... wrap tight!
Got this hint from "dolphins at sunset" book ....doubted it.... was wrong :rolleyes:
Say hi when you get her for local contacts huh?

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