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Minnewaska 01-20-2014 07:51 AM

Paella recipes
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I'm going to get it started, as some have promised their recipes. We've found that Paella is a great onboard dish. It's essentially made in one pot (paella pan) and is incredibly versatile.

For starters, you need the pan. We have a 13" ceramic coated pan that fits perfectly on the largest burner in the galley. A traditional pan is steel, but ceramic will prevent rusting aboard. It will feed 3 to 4 people as a single dish.

The first big tip is to prep everything before you start and put the ingredients in little cups or bowls.

Second tip is that good ingredients matter. Bomba rice is expensive, but makes a huge difference. You just can't use sticky rice. We also order a supply of good Spanish saffron and paprika and keep these all as staples. Other than the broth to rice proportion, just about any ingredient can be exchanged or altered in quantity to taste.

Here's a recipe to get us started:

4.5 cups of broth (can be half water and half broth)
pinch of saffron threads
8 slices of chorizo dry sausage
1/4 cup of olive oil
6 garlic cloves, finely diced
1/2 medium onion, diced
2 plum tomatoes, diced
1 tbs parsley
Pinch of red pepper flakes, optional
Kosher salt
1.5 cups Bomba rice
Paprika (smoked or sweet to taste)
6 garlic cloves, whole
1/4 cup of frozen peas
4 to 6 large shrimp, peeled with tails on
4 large scallops
6 to 10 litteneck clams
Dozen (approx) green beans and/or baby asparagas
Dozen (approx) julienne strips of roasted red pepper
1 lemon, cut in wedges

Optionally, you can warm 4.5 cups of broth in a pot with a good pinch of saffron, but let threads soak in cool broth if you don't want to use another pot.

Warm pan on Med heat and sweat the chorizo to extract oils into pan, then remove.

Add olive oil and onion, saute until beginning to soften. Add diced garlic, tomato, parsley and salt and cook for 15 minutes, until dark red and well incorporated. This is the base for the paella. If it dries while cooking, add water or oil. Also, add enough salt to taste to flavor entire dish, not just this base. If you like spicy food, add a pinch of red pepper flakes. You can make this part ahead of time and let sit in pan, until ready to finish the dish.

Over med-high heat, add rice and stir for 2 mins, until rice is opaque.

Add broth and level rice around pan. Lightly dust the whole garlic, peas, shrimp, scallops and clams in paprika and evenly distribute. Do not stir rice from this point forward. Bring broth to a good simmer, adjust heat as necessary.

As broth begins to absorb in the rice, place green beans or asparagas and roasted red pepper in spokes along the top, and slide chorizo slices evenly into the rice around the dish.

When liquid reduces to top of rice, lower heat. It will take approx 10 more minutes from this point. You can cheat and pull some from the side of the pan to see if liquid is absorbed. When finished, remove from heat and cover with a clean towel to rest for about 5 mins. (Clams should all be open. If some did not, they were probably dead and should be discarded)

Top with lemon wedges to be squeezed over individual portions, as you serve them. Dig in !!

(optionally, you can try to turn the heat up to high at the last minute, to toast the bottom of the rice, although, you risk burning it as well. It's nice to have a little caramelized crunch along the bottom, but its not necessary)

I do not profess to be an authentic Spaniard, so I'm dying to hear some more recipes.

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Minnewaska 01-20-2014 08:50 AM

Re: Paella recipes
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Some other ingredient options:

Chicken.... dust in paprika and partially cook in pan and remove to be added back after rice. They will finish in the paella.

Chickpeas.... take on the flavor of the dish and add bulk

Tomato wedges..... I like to use canned tomatoes, as they don't really need to cook.

Artichokes.... Mmmmm

Mussels... inexpensive alternative to clams, but add near the end, as they cook quickly


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christian.hess 01-20-2014 09:22 AM

Re: Paella recipes
well damn! seems I need to get my best pics out for sure! you have a good looking paella there

I will not add such a lengthy paella recipe(edit I see I went overboard) since for the most part you are right on


these are tips any paella maker needs to adhere to as basics:

good broth
good sofrito
good saffron
(trader joes has some) and SMOKED paprika, commonly sold in the states is "LA CHINATA" red can
correct procedure
precooked rice or SOS rice for onboard recipes or go all out with bomba or calasparra uf you feel like it(times differ for these rices so test out first)

Like minnewaska says you prep almost everything before hand, especially if doing a seafood paellas as you must clean squid, fish, crabs, shrimp(leave whole WITH HEAD ALWAYS) and any other sea creature you wish like clams, mussles etc

ok here goes

SEAFOOD PAELLA recipe #1 for 6-8peple use 12 person paella pan(this is key) never overfill a paella pan...if you have 13 people use a 20 person paella pan not a stuffed 12 person paella pan!

1lb fresh calamari, YES WITH HEADS AND ALL
1lb blue shell crab
1lb jumbo shrimp with heads and not peeled(never peel shrimp in a paella)
1lb grouper, or halibut or thick white fish, mahi works but doesnt have the right texture for paella, however on a boat its what most guys fish, so use anchor spearfish a grouper and your paella will be transformed)
1lb manila clams or similar
8 green shell mussels from NZ or whole black mussels

In spain the less amount of differnt ingredients you use but better quality the more you will be applauded so if you only have fish, crab and shrimp do will taste individual ingredients better...its a fact


1lb parcooked ricem sos, or similar, do not ever use longrain can even use cheap sushi rice but you have to rinse it many many times to unstarch it
3 green peppers(italian)
8 plum tomatoes very ripes and what you do is not DICE IT but grate it on a box grater(this is key) its also how you make pan tomaca in catalonia
hald small very small diced onion(in spain no onion is used in most paellas)
head ofgarlic peeled and in slivers
flat green beans not snow peas(optional)
1 small red bell pepper in small dice
grean frozen peas to decorate at the end( half a cup)

Olive oil



For simpletons use half fish stock and half shrimp consome at your favourite store...for real cooks as follows

get half a pund of shrimp, a couple of whole crabs, a fish head, head of garlic, parsley sprigs, onion, one smashed tomato, bay leaf

in a big pot, heat oil, put in garlic, onion, salt and golden a bit till you get the smells, add seasoned fish head, stir, add cold water...put on to boil, skim impurities, add a big pinch of salt and add rest of ingredients boil or pressure cook for 15 minutes, re season. keep HOT!

get 12 person paella pan hot on medium heat
pour olive oil into pan until you are 3 fingers to the edge all around(that is the measurement never go by exact quantities, no reason to) for seafood paella, that need more oil since seafood has little fat.

start sauteing:

crabs cut in half set aside
clams till they open if big if not after set aside
fish if grouper and always in BIG CHUNKS if grouper or halibut you can also flour te fish but this is not sear on all sides and set aside

next sofrito you can do as in spain and process it all up beforehand or go the traditional slower way and start throwing stuff in

first onion, next peppers, last tomato cook 15 mins till its a consistent mass, nothing should look fresh its like a mush

garlic and salt

here you have can either add your saffron here or add it to the stock

now increase heat a bit...sprinkle your rice into the sofrito, stir for 3mins...if it gets stuck either lower heat a bit OR DEGLAZE a bit with sherry if you like or plain dry white wine

only a bit like making spain they almost never do this they simply deglaze with the boiling hot stock, again raging boiling stock is do not want to lose the heat as your rice will suffer

sprinkle paprika all over rice about a big tablespoon or 2 medium one...imediately

pour stock over the rice(till the handle rivets or just above, NEVER ALL THE WAY UP) and imediately turn onto high heat....use a long wooden spoon to softly scrub the bottom of the pan, its this action that prevents burnt spots BUT promotes socharat after all is settled and a boil starts to increase get all your ingredients in line

first calamari in big rings...if big steaks you can saute right before ading the rice.
dump crab
cook rice on high heat for 5 mins, then lower to medium low heat for remaining 15-20mins(adjust for altitude)
do NOT STIR PAELLA ever after the first 5 mins why Ill tell you later

in simmering paella you will notice that all the oil goes up to the surface...its this that protects the rice from turning to mush when you cover it later this is why you only shake the pan a bit to space out ingredients, never stir after the initial boil

now layer in fish chunks evenly wait 4-5mins
next add clams wait 2
then jumbo shrimp wait 2
lastly mussels to decorate, I like to put them in at an angle so the juices cook more evenly your paella stock should be simmering above the rice by now or close...if its too dry add some stock but if you are perfect or slightly too much stock just in crease heat a bit on the outer flames of the burner...not inner ever

now, sprinkle fresh green peas and decorate

when stock level is level with rice and bubbling in a beatiful golden red color(never yellow thats crap) you go real low heat and cover paella with aluminum foil

do this for maybe 3 mins then go FULL BLAST ON BOTH BURNERS till you get a distinct rumbling drying out sound in paella pan

THIS IS HOW SOCHARAT is made, this is then sticky rice brown caramelize mix of rice and stuff that spaniards adore...inly can be made by following these procedures

then uncover



this is how socharat is RELEASED from bottom of pan, why? so its not stuck and uneadible



but first chop some lemons up...or make a beaituful AIOLI to serve with the seafood


never peel any seafood especially crusteaceans like lobster and shrimp you want the juices to REMAIN in the seafood so its perfectly cooked, also in spain you suck shrimp heads...not throw them away

next tip

never ever go by exact times or measurements as its a sure way to screw yourself, why different climates, humidity and altitude affect how long rice takes to cook

for example here in san salvador paellas take a solid 5 minutes less than up in the mountains in the restaurant

lastly use what you have

fish great

chicken great

in spain they only use 3-4 main ingredients for each type of paella...mixed paellas are a toursit attraction and not common to spain...


next paella(mixed paella) coming soon! jajajaja

here is a pic of a mixed paella....notice CHORIZO(since my client had to have it, and chicken and pork ribs)

also notice depth of rice or height is a better word and color, its golden redish not yellow this is right before covering up for delivery


Minnewaska 01-20-2014 10:15 AM

Re: Paella recipes
Outstanding christian....... thanks.

I suppose we should also mention that a paella pan requires somewhat even heat along a big flat bottom. On a BBQ or woodfire is pretty cool, but I haven't tried one like that yet. It may be neat to try on a beach sometime, but its a lot of ingredients to bring to shore.

A 12 person pan is approx 20" across the bottom and a 20 person pan must be well over 2 feet!! Beautiful, but perhaps impractical aboard.

My little 13" pan works great on the boat galley stove. I was thinking of trying to fashion a larger burner for the rail, but it would be tough. For my bigger pans at home, I have a propane paella burner, which has concentric flame rings to heat the larger bases. I think my burner will hold up to 22". At home, I put it on the stove top and run the propane hose across the counter. Probably a code violation of some kind.

SVAuspicious 01-20-2014 12:05 PM

Re: Paella recipes
Very helpful -- thanks to you both.


Originally Posted by christian.hess (Post 1325817)
shrimp(leave whole WITH HEAD ALWAYS)


Originally Posted by christian.hess (Post 1325817)
jumbo shrimp with heads and not peeled(never peel shrimp in a paella)

Okay - why? I don't mind work in the galley but I don't want to struggle with my food during a meal. Can I clean and peel the shrimp and put the shells and heads in a cheesecloth bag to get the flavors in the dish?

Minnewaska 01-20-2014 12:19 PM

Re: Paella recipes

Originally Posted by SVAuspicious (Post 1326305)
......Okay - why? I don't mind work in the galley but I don't want to struggle with my food during a meal. Can I clean and peel the shrimp and put the shells and heads in a cheesecloth bag to get the flavors in the dish?

I don't dispute that this is traditional, but I have no use for the heads and feel the same as you about working, while eating. I peel them to the tail and leave that on for flavor. If you were to add a cheesecloth bag, it would leave a gaping hole, when you removed it, or probably be less than appetizing, if you left it in.

I will certainly defer to tradition.

christian.hess 01-20-2014 01:43 PM

Re: Paella recipes

Originally Posted by SVAuspicious (Post 1326305)
Very helpful -- thanks to you both.

Okay - why? I don't mind work in the galley but I don't want to struggle with my food during a meal. Can I clean and peel the shrimp and put the shells and heads in a cheesecloth bag to get the flavors in the dish?

learn to love the food you are eating...spaniards take their time to enjoy their paella so why make it a dine and dash meal?

the reason simply is that leaving the shrimp hole keeps all the juices from being expelled...the juice that does come out of the head RICHENS THE STOCK so by taking all that away and simply puuting steamed shrimp on top so they dont overcook is like doing chicken stock with the feathers

no point:)

if you are adamant about not complicating yourself while eating a paella there are many to chose from

Ill post a calamar paellas, fish paellas, and SENORITO (YES THAT MEANS PETIT DELICATE MAN) paella that allows you to eat all in one fork bite

there is also paella NEGRE with alioli which is a classic calamar in ink paella

just give me a chance so I can post these recipes up

Im jugging to many things right now, fixing a datsun 1200 pickup, restoring an islander 36, starting a second restaurant aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a new born!


peace dudes:D

Minnewaska 01-20-2014 03:53 PM

Re: Paella recipes
I bury the raw shrimp in the broth, which keeps them from drying out. On the low simmer, they don't seem to overcook, but I could see them drying out on top, without the shells.

miatapaul 01-20-2014 05:52 PM

Re: Paella recipes
One thing to mention is there are two types of chorizo and they are NOT interchangeable. Mexican chorizo is good for very little but tacos. Do not use it for Paella! If you can't find chorizo and you want some sausage I would use andouille it will have a different flavor, but not too bad. Heck the thing I like about Paella is it is kind of like a stir fry, you can throw what ever you have on hand in the cooler. Don't get upset about not having an ingredient, with the possible exception of saffron and short grain rice. Lots of folks like there shrimp shelled, that is OK, but if you do that sauté the shells in olive oil with a bit of onion and garlic, then pour the stock over them and simmer it for around 10 min, or so. This will give the taste of the shrimp shells and heads (if you live somewhere that you can get head on shrimp). I hate to see someone throw away shrimp shells. I keep clam juice around too, that can supplement or replace the broth.

Some additions I like to put into mine is fresh sweet corn on the cob (cut into 1 inch sections can be raw or leftover) mushrooms, lima beans, zucchini especially baby zucs with the blossom still on, broccoli, leeks, ramps, pretty much what ever fresh stuff I have around. I know that it may veer off of what is officially accepted, but if it is fresh and good then throw it in!

And any good sized saute pan will work, though a paella pan does seem to be best. When I ran a Spanish restaurant we did it in a standard carbon steel pan and transferred it to a ceramic presentation plate. I wanted to order real pans but the chief did not want them.

miatapaul 01-20-2014 05:56 PM

Re: Paella recipes

Originally Posted by christian.hess (Post 1326617)

there is also paella NEGRE with alioli which is a classic calamar in ink paella

Yum, Yum!

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