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Don Foley 05-15-2002 04:57 AM

Snacking, either for day sails or cruising is part of our routine. Popcorn at night, trail mix, grapes and strawberries (in season) during the day. Pretzels are always around.

What does everyone else snack on?

SailorMitch 05-16-2002 04:03 AM

Having become more calorie conscious, I like having lots of seasonal fruit (apples, pears, peaches, grapes, etc.)and no-fat yogurt on hand. But when I need something fast and substantial, there''s no substitute for peanut butter damn the calories! I''ve also been checking out some of the granola bars that are low fat and only have about 100-150 calories per bar. I want to do some taste tests to find out how they are. You can buy boxes of 36 bars with several "flavors" at Sam''s Club. The only problem is that too often, all the flavors taste alike. I also want to know how filling they are for those times when I have to have SOMETHING or else.

sailorman_10 05-20-2002 10:24 AM

Hi Don; I keep various items on board for snacking. Individual packages of cookies or crackers, pop tarts, peanut butter, granola/trail mix, individual servings of fruit cocktail. I also keep a stock of sardines & vienna sausages. Sometimes I just do not want anything sweet and these fill the bill just fine for me.


MaryBeth 05-21-2002 11:01 PM


Though I seem out of place here, I always made sure we had plenty of butter and saltines on hand for late night watches. Nothing soothes the soul like the smooth taste of a good butter (not that oleo crap) and that crunch of a good saltine cracker - not the whole wheat crap. If the weather was smooth, I would have about twenty crackers lined up, butter face to butter face, on a paper towel. That was at night. During the day, in good weather also, it was Vienna Sausages and mayo. No fruit crap for me. The raisins were in the life raft bag.

In bad weather, I have to admit I had Oreos stuffed into the bib of my foulies, day or night. Only Oreos. They saw me through many a hurricane, many a squall. Though the coffee may take on the taste of the sea, the old girl never entirely got my Oreos (though she did wash away a bit of them many nights).

You are bringing back way too many memories,

harvh 09-06-2002 02:05 PM

One of my favorites is a little shrimp delight that takes about 2 minutes to make.

1 square Philadelphia cream cheese
1 drained can of shrimp poor over cream cheese
1 bottle of cocktail sauce poor over shrimp

Grab some of your favorite crackers and dig in.

For you salty sailors, here is a wonderful drink. Trust me when I tell you this will have people smacking their lips for along time. (Caution stay at anchor when drinking these, they can really sneak up on you)

Moclips Fiz

1 can frozen lemonade (not pink)
1 part vodka (use lemonade can)
1 part half and half

Mix together and fill tall glass with ice. Fill glass half full with mix.
Top off with cream soda.

These are best consumed with a straw. Enjoy the drink named after the windy Washington Beach called Moclips

paulk 09-10-2002 06:24 PM

Before an overnight race, I try to get to BJ''s or Costco and buy about 10 pounds of mid-sized chocolate bars. They provide a great energy boost, especially around 2:30 to 3:30 in the morning. No crew has ever finished them all, so some bars stay on board, in perfectly fine condition, for when we''ve hauled the boat and are busy pulling the batteries, winterizing the engine, putting antifreeze in the water system, or, later, chipping ice from the bilge. When it''s time to do the sanding and varnishing, it''s time for a new supply.

namaste04 03-18-2003 10:32 AM

We''re partial to canned fish: sardines or kippered herring "snacks". We have an old Dansk plastic serving tray with 4 compartments, each with high sides, that is just perfect for snack time under way. One section gets crackers, one gets cheese, one a tin of fish, and one gets grapes or cherries (fun to spit the pits overboard!). Yum!

We also try to find as much room as possible for those individual cuppa-soup things. We buy great ones at the health food store. We make a pot of boiling water in the morning and keep it in a vacuum flask with a pump top, bungeed to the mast on the salon table or in the sink. Then any time we want we can have a cup of soup, noodles, etc. or hot tea or hot chocolate.

You''re making me wanna go sailing!!!


Magic_Moments 07-07-2003 06:35 PM

I have pop tarts or lately Slimfast meal bars or snack bars. They seem like they last forever and taste pretty good. For just munching I usually have some grapes or a banana around or else some triscuits or fig newtons.
Meal bars work for me when I am hungry right now, but can''t leave the cockpit. I have tried a few that were very bad.


sadie14 07-08-2003 04:17 AM

Raw almonds are healthy, tasty and provide substance/energy. Granola bars (healthy and not) are great when everything is going wrong and you need to eat something. Cheese and crackers are standard.

For night passages, I find that it depends on the trip (warm or cold, rough or smooth) as to eating sweets or savories so I try to have both cookies and chocolate and nuts, as well as hard boild eggs, salami and cheese. Not super healthy, but not a regular occurrence, and very satisfying.

Homemade muffins taste great, too, and are fairly easy to make even underway.

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