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w1651 11-25-2011 12:38 AM

The best hot plate
Okay so I don't need a Oven. I just want a two burner stove that really works. I am thinking about a coleman campfire stove for just a few bucks at walmart. I got a nice little propane grill all stainless from walmart for less then 55 bucks.
If I get this stove what's the best way to mount it?
Should I get another?

PaulfromNWOnt 11-25-2011 11:01 AM

I've got a simple Coleman stove that sits under the lazarette in the cockpit, and I pull it out to cook as required. I set it on a piece of plywood to protect the fiberglass from the heat. Then again, I've got a 22' Catalina. If I had a bigger boat, then I'd likely have an Origo non-pressurized alcohol stove permanently mounted.

What kind of boat is this going into?

Ajax_MD 11-25-2011 12:56 PM

I've gone the Coleman stove route, and I think that pressurized fuels are not such a great idea.

My Coleman stove was an older, liquid fuel model that leaked and nearly burned my galley up.

I replaced it with a propane model, but you'll find that the Schraeder valves in the little 1lb. bottles are very cheap and often will not re-seal after disconnecting the bottle from the stove. This is also dangerous.

A fire in the confined space of a 22-25 foot sailboat is scary, trust me, I've done it. Don't cheap out, buy an Origo, or an Origo "heat pal". A Magna rail-mounted propane grill isn't as risky, because it's not inside the confines of the cabin.

Just a thought.

PaulfromNWOnt 11-25-2011 03:04 PM

I guess I should have mentioned that I do my cooking in the cockpit, and in the event of fire the whole shebang goes into Davy's locker. Instant fire extinguisher :D

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