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JosephDive 03-22-2004 02:00 PM

pan pot dish ?
I haven''t even bought my boat yet.. yeah slacker but I have been thinking about every small detail for when the day comes (in three months) and haven''t been able to find any "pans" that I like yet. A few messages back a young lady suggested "making" removeable handles for using pans in the oven, and in my opinion saving space both on the dinner table and in stowage. Does anyone know of a manuf. that makes "good" cooking pans with accessorized handles like this?

kokopelli9 03-22-2004 03:01 PM

pan pot dish ?
Try looking at a good camping REI or even go to Campmor online...most pots for camping have removable handles and the quality of the cookware is usually very high.That''s what I''ve been using for many years on my boat and have no complaints.


Sasha_V 03-22-2004 05:54 PM

pan pot dish ?
Hmmmm...okay, the name is a bit ambiguous...But it has worked for about 12 generations of bearded screaming Cossaks tearing towards a village on horseback with more then a Tupperware party on their minds.


...Large hairy male of the species.

sadie14 03-23-2004 03:43 AM

pan pot dish ?
We purchased a Stainless 2qt casserole pan made by Viking with side handles (not removable) which works on stove or in oven. It''s a wonderful, very well made, expensive pan. Try

We like to cook, so we probably have more pots and pans than most boaters do.

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