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gailp 01-26-2001 08:37 PM

racing supply source
I am purchasing flags, starting gun, buoys and tackle for a race and cannot find a race supply site on the web. HELP!!!


hamiam 01-31-2001 12:32 PM

racing supply source
Try / They make stock or can special order. In my experience, there prices are far better than West Marine or the other retailers.

davejean 01-31-2001 03:03 PM

racing supply source
I, personally have had terrible luck ordering anything from Defender Marine. With there low prices comes very low quality.I have a friend who ordered new hayard lines for his Cal 40, They sent the three lines he ordered in about 5 or 6 pieces!When he called and told them he needed the lengths he ordered in individual pieces as they were to be used as halyards,they laughed it off!
I could go on with a couple more of my own personal experiences,but needless to say I will never,EVER order from them again.

'S2fun 02-01-2001 08:44 AM

racing supply source
You can get racing bouys and shapes/flags from a company called ETP. It stands for Engineered Textile products. Their web site is:

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