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PCP 04-17-2010 10:53 AM

It seems that in this Forum there are not many people interested in racing, so instead of posting a thread about a particular Transat I think that it would be more interesting to have a thread where we could post about different transats. Everybody is welcome and everybody can start to post about any solo or duo Transat. This way we can have an easy access to a lot of information about the same topic.

I want to share with you a great race, the Figaro Duo AG2R Transat (a duo race). It starts tomorrow.

To explain the spirit of this race let me have a car racing analogy:

Imagine that you could convince some of the best F1 drivers, some top contenders in other top racing classes to have a race with equal cars (small but competitive formula cars) just to see who really is the best:D. Just to have more fun and to put more pressure, you will join the best drivers that usually race on those formulas...just to see if those F1 guys are so good as they are supposed to be:D

Well, this is what happens on the FigaroAG2R were the best among the solo sailors (Vendée Globe, Open 40, 40class, Minis and Multihull sailors) will meet with the best from the FigaroClass, to see who is the fastest. The boats are the same: Beneteau Figaro Class, a 33ft boat.

They are only 25(x2) but there is a reason for that. This is a race for professionals. They only let you in if you have already made some of the more important of the solo ocean races.

This year you will have:

"Among the sailors were past winners such as Jean le Cam (1994), Armel Cléac'h and Nicolas Troussel (2004), Kito de Pavant (2006), Laurent Pellecuer and Jean-Paul Mouren the reigning victors who are returning to defend their title.

...The most seasoned participants are Eric Drouglazet and Laurent Pellecuer on Luisina, who between them have competed in this double handed transatlantic race 13 times. They are followed by Morvan and de Broc on 11.

The line-up also includes seven round the world sailors including Jean le Cam (on Generali with Nicolas Lunven), Sam Davies (on Saveol with boyfriend Romain Attanasio), Armel Cleac'h (on Brit Air with Fabien Delahaye), Sebastien Audigane (on Groupe Bel with Kito de Pavant), Yann Eliès (on Generali-Europ Assistance with Jérémie Beyou), Bertrand de Broc and also Bernard Stamm.

In addition to HP Schipman, several other competitors have graduated up to the Figaro from the Mini class. They include Bertrand Delesne, Bertrand Castelnérac, Sebastien Picault and Laurent Bourgues."

You can follow the race here (direct coverage):

Site Officiel de la Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE 2010

If you like video games and like to play the race, just to pretend you are racing with them:

VirtualRegatta - Régates virtuelles : Solitaire du Figaro, Vendée Globe, Volvo Ocean Race, Transat AG2R, etc.

You find it odd? Well, there are already more than 27000 players waiting for the start to play on line. It will be a tough race, after all the "real racers" are only 25:D .

Some interesting sites about the race and the Figaro Class:

BYM Sailing & Sports News

La Classe Figaro Bénéteau

Figaro Class - Springboard to Sailing in the Big Leagues |



PCP 04-18-2010 10:42 AM

It was begun.

They are just turning away from the shore.

Yann Elies (2006 France offshore racing champion and winner of the Jules Vernes trophy) seems to have a slight advantage. There are two ladies on the pursuing group: Sam and Jeanne Gregoire.

Go here and click on "Cartograhhie" and you can "see" the race in real time.

Site Officiel de la Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE 2010

Go to "Videos" and you can see the interesting motor trimaran that is going to follow all the race, broadcasting great movies, that are going to be on line every day. That's a coverage:)



blt2ski 04-18-2010 12:31 PM

Now if I could remember the Francais from high school, I'd be set trying to navigate that site! I did not see an english translation clicky, is there one I can not see?

Are these all the version 2 Figs, and not the original design? Or is the version 2 able to compete boat for boat? I would think the most recent version would/should be quicker.


PCP 04-18-2010 12:50 PM

No, no English.

But click on "cartographie" and on the "videos" and that should be enough.

If you are on "Cartographie" and click on a boat, they will show the skippers.

" vent" - shows you the direction and force of wind.

On the videos I hope they will post some great movies, like this one:

YouTube - Thierry Chabagny et SUZUKI AUTOMOBILES

These are all "Pros" racing with the Figaro2 version, that is a lot faster than the older one.

If you need some help with the French, just ask:)

blt2ski 04-18-2010 01:01 PM

I remember "j'nais sais pas" J'ne no comprendais" or some such things......"ou eh sylvie?" spelling is probably incorrect, but can say it to some degree....

I'll keep an eye on this and see what I can come up with. In the mean time, about 1.5 hrs from trying out the fixed slugs on the main that blew out last saturday.


PCP 04-18-2010 01:33 PM

They have changed the page.

Site Officiel de la Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE 2010

Go to cartographie and on the map click where it says "cliquez ici" and then you will have a lot of information.

blt2ski 04-19-2010 09:02 PM

Looking at the real time of the boats, amazing to me that ALL but one are with in what looks to be a 2mile circle of ea other. At current speeds of 8 knots, thats less than 20 min over the whole ocean. Altho when you look at the fact that these people are highly trained, same setup boats, I guess I should not be too surprised there is less than 3 miles to the end between all of the boats, probably with in hailing distance. Altho this could also be part of the video requirement, so the tri covering the race can get from one to the other easy enough...........


PCP 04-20-2010 11:29 AM

No, those are real GPS positions. The map is a real map and you can have coordinates on it. You can make it bigger or smaller. If you make it smaller and click on the meteo you can have a real picture of the weather and understand their strategies.

Outside rooting is also not allowed. They all have the same meteo information and have to decide by themselves the best route. With the map minimized if you click on orthodormie and you will have the shortest line, from the beginning to the end . Nobody goes on that line;)

If you go to the inscriptions and look at the curriculum of each of those guys, you will be amazed. That's what you say: Very good sailors with the same boats and sails, that makes for a very close race.

In some days we will see (with some luck) movies of several boats battling very close to each other.

Gaspe 7, the one that is on the right place:D is making 12.4K with 16k of wind. Not bad for a relativelly inexpensive 33fter:)


blt2ski 04-20-2010 01:20 PM


I realize those points are realtime, sometimes you can see the long/lat change as you are watching.

Its just amazing to me that what 20-30 boats, are all within or were last I looked with in a 2-3 mile circle. Kind of a long distance bike race where all are seeming to draft off of ea other, not that drafting is a good thing in sailing, one wants clean air!


PCP 04-20-2010 02:44 PM

I believe it is a 20, 30 miles circle;) .

Anyway, they are always looking for better wind, and there are not many options right now. I believe that, when they reach midway to Madeira there will be several options and whe will see diferent strategies.



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