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jaybird2719 09-03-2013 07:44 PM

Rolling furling head sail for R26. Please Help
I really need some help here. I have a 1973 Ranger 26, that's completely redone. It has three North 3d racing sails, (various sizes that are all hank on). The previous owner used the boat for racing on Lake Superior. My wife and I don't race, and want a Roller Furling and new genoa. The sail maker that I would like to use, says he can't order the sail until the furler is installed, so he can get measurements. I was hoping to get this started during our winter months so it would be ready to go when we launch the boats in the spring. My concern is that It will have to order the furler and the wait a month for the sail to come in.

Also would anyone have a recommendation on what brand to get.

Anyone with any info or help is greatly appreciate. I don't have much experience with a roller furler other than when I chartered a boat for a weekend.

Thank you for your advise

CalebD 09-03-2013 07:58 PM

Re: Rolling furling head sail for R26. Please Help
Your choices are:
Furlex, Harken, Hood, Profurl, Schaffer and cdi.
If I were you I'd price each of these makers for your boat and then decide.

Your sail maker needs to know how long and what size of luff tape to attach.

Faster 09-03-2013 08:38 PM

Re: Rolling furling head sail for R26. Please Help
Your sailmaker is correct in that he needs to make measurements after the furler is installed.

We like our Harken, its got a good setup for providing access to the forestay turnbuckle in the event you wanted to inspect/adjust it from time to time. Well engineered, but be prepared to replace the stock, slippery line they provide for furling.

Also, if anchoring is something you're likely to be doing, the rigger may suggest a toggle to elevate the drum enough to clear the anchor as you haul it aboard. it's a good idea to get this right from the get-go and another reason to wait until it's all installed..

jaybird2719 09-08-2013 09:41 AM

Re: Rolling furling head sail for R26. Please Help
Ok, So i finish off the year using my current head sails. I buy the furler this winter and install it after the spring launch.

This is when I need to order my sail, I'm leaning to North or UK right now, so then I have to wait, correct, or can the furler be taken off so I can sail, until the new sail comes in, my sail guy states he can convert one of my sails now, but need the luff measurement. I just don't want to be sitiing in the harbor not being able to sail.

Roller furling is a new game to me.

I'm also leaning towards the profurler and then the Harken ESP

Your advice is greatly appreciated

Faster 09-08-2013 10:32 AM

Re: Rolling furling head sail for R26. Please Help
No matter where you buy your sail, expect a 6-8 week delivery time. This applies to local and online lofts as far as we've seen. The conversion would be quicker.

Profurl is a recognized brand, seemingly more popular in Europe, but a lot of serious round the world types have used it.

To maximize your sailing time, install the furler sooner rather than later (early in the off season, before you put the boat away for winter) and order the sail so it's ready when you splash. Have one of your old sails converted so if there are delays you're not 'stuck'... keep in mind the luff of the old sail will need shortening likely so again it's something that can't be done until the furler's in place and measurements can be made.

rmouton 05-05-2015 08:11 AM

Re: Rolling furling head sail for R26. Please Help
i have a harkin on mine and you will be so ever happy with installing one on your ranger. i am . 150 percent and roll shorter . it is the bomb for ease of jib sailing. do it!!!

JoeSailor10 09-30-2016 02:33 PM

Re: Rolling furling head sail for R26. Please Help
So Jay, how did the furler install go and the sail conversion? I installed a Harken Furler on mine this spring but didn'd get the sail made. I was going to get a kit from Sailrite and convert one of my hank=on sails but could not decide whether to convert my 170% genoa or the 150%. I ended up adding a pendant to the sail from my Mac 21 (from which I took the furler) and using that. Less than ideal but I got laid off from my job and it was the economical choice.

Are you still sailing in Michigan?

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