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mlfarrington 09-17-2008 04:25 PM

New Ranger 29' Owner

We bought a 1974 Ranger 29' last month and I was hoping to find some info. about the boat and other sailors experiences owning/sailing the Ranger. We are new sailboat owners and appreciate any recommendation/discussions regarding the Ranger boats. We are currently looking to put a furler and lazy jacks on as I have 3 small children and this would enable us to sail more easily in various wind conditions. Also, does anyone have a recommendation for a book about tuning the rigging?



Faster 09-17-2008 05:09 PM

Congratulations on your new boat. Our son and daughter-in-law own a Ranger 29, and are happily racing and cruising her, often with their 10 month old daughter.

The add-ons you speak of are common, and can help make boat handling easier and more convenient.

Tuning the rig is something that is easy to find info on.. a quick google gave me this list:

sailboat rig tuning - Google Search=

....just for starters. Many magazine articles will be available, search this forum for discussions on the subject too!

Best of luck with your new ride! and Welcome to Sailnet.

gmbandco 11-20-2008 01:56 PM

Congrats on the Ranger. I bought a 1974 26' over the summer and was able to singlehand it before it was hauled this fall. Some additions I made:
  • A BoomKicker in place of a topping lift. It makes dropping the main (which has a light downhaul on it) a piece of cake.
  • A TillerTamer which "self steers" for me for a minute or so while I tend to the rigging. When I tack, I release the lee jib sheet, helm over, trim the main to get some headway, set the TillerTamer and then trim the jib. Good to go.
  • Winchers on the primaries and secondaries. Once I've trimmed the jib, I wrap the sheet in the Wincher groove and I'm back to the helm.
When I get the sails and tiller balanced right, she'll self steer with just a nudge or two from my knee on the tiller.

Some other improvements in the works:
  • Moving the halyard winch from the mast to the doghouse roof and adding a rope clutch - raising the main gets easier.
  • Installing a gas piston on the forward hatch so I don't have to tie it open.
  • Buying a whisker pole.
Am I out of money yet??!!:D

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