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BigZ 08-18-2009 10:44 PM

masthead box
My jib halyard has just started jamming at the masthead. Looking at the top with binos I can see that the bracket on the forward side of the mast has a noticeable bulge, maybe an eight inch or so, but enough to let the halyard mislead and jam.
Question is how to repair? Can the old box be ground out and a new one welded in? Or a new box added to the top of the existing mast? Or wait till fall when I drop the mast and squeeze the bracket back to shape and have a brace welded on?
Anyone have this problem before?
Any thoughts are appreciated.
Luckily I can still hoist the jib with the the spin halyard, so the season isn't done yet.

Edit to add that this is a Ranger 26.


MoAir 03-31-2010 06:53 PM

Masthead sheave repair
Big Z. Did you fix your masthead crane issue?

BigZ 04-04-2010 12:57 PM

Actually, when I dropped the mast and got a close-up view I found that there wasn't any bulging or real deformation at the masthead. There was a bit of wear from the original wire halyards on the inner side of the extension that, from ground level, gave more an illusion of a bulge.

The real jamming problem was due to the rope halyard getting old and increasing a bit in diameter. The extra bit of diameter was enough that the halyard could jam against the toggle where the forestay attached to the masthead. The original clearances were fine for wire, but the 3/8 rope was too close. And the jamming wouldn't occur when the halyard was pulled straight up/down; only when the angle tracked the forestay.

I changed the forward genoa sheave to a smaller diameter and dropped to a 5/16 halyard. I think this will prevent the jamming.

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