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andy_smith 04-13-2009 12:24 AM

gas bottle storage
to all 11.0A owners - where do you keep you gas bottle when in use.
The P.O. of Skye Water built a locker inside the cockpit locker, but it is below the floor of the cockpit. I've been using it like this for about 5 years now and so far no problems, but, should the ultimate happen and gas escapes from the bottle or connections, it will fall into the bilge under the engine then accumulate in the sump behind the keel. I'd prefer the bottle in it's own sealed locker which drains over the side, or at least into the cockpit, but not a lot of room here. Otherwise in a cage fixed to the transom (ugly). So where do you keep yours ?

Sky Water

S2 Dave 04-14-2009 08:56 AM

We installed an airtight box vented over the side in the cockpit locker. SEAWARD LPG LOCKER KIT, 2.5 GAL
Be sure not to get the smaller one with a steel tank or it'll turn into a pile of rust. Where do you sail? We are out of Texas and have taken our S2 to the Bahamas and are planning for Mexico and Belize this year.
S/V Wind Dancer

andy_smith 04-14-2009 03:24 PM

Hi Dave,
Yes, that locker looks the business, but if the box is in the cockpit locker, to get the bottle in and out of the box, won't the box be below the waterline? And if so, won't the box fill up with gas before spilling over the side?
I'm in New Zealand, by the way. Took over Skye in a very run down state about 5 years ago, and lay her up each winter to continue the rebuild with lots of personalization. I'm over 3/4 finished the work, but the usual story with boats - longer and more money required than anticipated !!

Skye Water

S2 Dave 04-15-2009 08:51 AM

Our boat has a floor above the water heater in the locker witch is just above the water line. I mounted the propane box on 6" stilts above the floor to get it a little higher. It is directly under the cockpit combing so there is room to get the bottle out. We have an upper and lower vent hose with a ball valve on the lower vent to keep water out when sailing. As an added precaution I close the valve on the bottle when not in use. I mispelled my own website. It's Discover life beyond redfish island


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