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heybuddy 08-09-2011 10:26 AM

S2 6.7 boom question
I'm new to sailing, have a 6.7 and I think I have everything in place but I am wondering about the boom. There are 2 lines on either side of the boom at the gooseneck, travel through cam cleats, through the boom and exit thru the aft fitting on the boom. I've perused the available literature and I think they are part of a reefing system. The boom also has small u-shaped fittings (are they bails?) that seem to correspond with the reef points on the main. In addition, there is a small cleat (conventional type with 2 horns) on the under side of the boom. Some of this may pertain to a cunningham that is missing, and some pertain to reefing but I'll be damned if I can figure out how the reefing system works. I did run on of the internal boon lines up and thru a reef grommet and back down to the corresponding bail but its still a mystery. Would you do your reefing at the gooseneck? Are there any pictures? Pictures would help a lot.
(and thanks to Rick K for posting for me)

jackdale 08-09-2011 10:59 AM

Reefing at the goose neck is the simplest system and involves less friction than other methods. Do you have a winch at the mast?

You should have leech reefing lines that run the length of your boom and exit at the boom end. A mast mounted winch can be used to harden the leech reefing lines. The two u-shaped fitting are ram's horns to which you attach your tack when reefing.

Any cunningham controls would likely be attached to the mast tabernacle. It is usually a system of blocks with a hook for the cunningham cringle.

Pictures here

heybuddy 08-09-2011 11:28 AM

Thanks Jack, I have no winch on the mast (but that explains why some do) and the u bolt fittings that correspond to the reef points are 4 in number and located on both sides of the boom. Also the "rams horns" cleat is small and on the underside of the boom. There are 2 lines running thru the boom, one is smaller gage than the other (?). There are deck mounted blocks at the base of the mast that I presume could be used for the cunningham. Could they have been intended to run reefing lines into the cockpit? Mast and spar are Kenyon and I think the boom is a "D". I'll see if I can take some pix and post them.

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