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jimgo 11-14-2012 03:59 PM

Sovereign 28
Hi! I read that the Sovereigns are essentially "updated" S2's, so I thought I'd ask here if anyone has ever sailed on the 28 center cockpit, and what your general feeling was of the boat. It looks interesting, but I'm a little nervous about the BMW D12 diesel that apparently came with the boat.

Any feedback on the boat or that engine is appreciated!

Faster 11-14-2012 04:24 PM

Re: Sovereign 28
Difficult to get a CC and good looks in a 28 foot length.. even considering it's been 'stretched' a bit from the original S2 8.0 (meters ~ 26 feet). The layout, however, looks pretty good for a cozy couple and the fit and finish on the ones available online look reasonably good. Longish keel but S2 designs generally had a decent rep. Not sure if G&S did all their boats, but they did the racing hulls and they go very well.

Regarding the BMW I think they are pretty good engines, but rare as hens teeth in
N.A. and perhaps for that reason difficult to find service and/or parts.

jimgo 11-14-2012 04:31 PM

Re: Sovereign 28
Thanks, that was my impression of the boats. Glad to hear a contrarian view on the BMW; some of what I had read were negative. Not overly so, but complaints.

scuppers 11-21-2012 06:11 PM

Re: Sovereign 28

Originally Posted by jimgo (Post 948417)
Thanks, that was my impression of the boats. Glad to hear a contrarian view on the BMW; some of what I had read were negative. Not overly so, but complaints.

I looked at an S2 8.0A years ago with a BMW diesel. I ran away. Don't be fooled...the marinized BMW engines of 25 years ago ought not be deemed to have quality equivalence to a new 700 series BMW auto (in fact, most Germans I know, and I know a lot, scoff at BMW quality anyway, relative to MB and Audi.)

No, repeat no, real support for these engines in the US right now. It might run like a champ for the next 20 years, who knows?...if it craps out, good luck with service, and a replacement might cost more than you paid for the boat. Parts might be hard to come by.:eek:

Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances.
My $0.02 worth. I'd run.

PS. Never heard that thing about the Sovereigns...interesting.

jodiaz113 08-09-2015 12:24 PM

Re: Sovereign 28
Has anyone cruised one of the Sovereign 28's offshore?? I would be interested in hearing comments on their structural seaworthiness. Clearly there are challenges with tankage and gear stowage.

Thanks, Joseph

Watercolors 11-21-2015 01:07 PM

Re: Sovereign 28
Sovereign 28

Do not or never have owned one but, best friend has one that he put on a small sailing lake in central Pennsylvania and then took it to the Chesapeake Bay. While this boat was at the lake a fellow sailor, whom is a big guy, searched till he found one and brought it to the lake, he said it fit him much better than the 25 foot Catalina he had.

The hull measures 28 feet, but with the bow spirit it really is a 30 foot boat. It has 6 foot 2 standing head room though out. Shoal draft of only 3.5 feet is a great boat for the Chesapeake Bay. They only made about 30 of them and is not a S2 hull!

On the lake it sailed like a pig because of the variable and shifty winds and with a 150 genoa winching was required in 10 knots of wind, Iím partial because Iím small and sail a Catalina 22 on this lake which I think is the perfect size for this lake and the conditions.

Once the hull was faired and figured out how to sail it, both boats worked out well for the owners.

At the Bay, this is a great boat, it looks like a pig but, sails very well in moderate winds and chop. I remember one day when the wind was about 12 to 14 knots and chop, we sailed on a broad reach for over 1/2 hour without touching the helm and on the way back to the marina was on a beat in higher winds with a reefed Genoa, did not touch the helm for 15 minutes.

Very well built with lots of big boat stuff, needs a large vehicle for towing because itís over 9000 lbs. with trailer and is just low enough to past under low bridges at 12 feet.

Photos at

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