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drcaola 03-14-2009 08:29 AM

Delam under cabin sole - repair
My Sabre 28 has a bit of delamination near the bottom of the compression post beneath the cabin sole -- not a structural issue, the surveyor assures me, but it does cause the bilge cover to 'wobble' in that area.

Any suggestions on how to best repair without cutting into the cabin sole? The teak and holly of the sole, itself, looks good and is dry -- it's just this support piece of plywood, underneath.

A few years ago, Ed Gawarecki posted the following regarding a Sabre 30:

"Nice sailing boat, the only area of particular note to check would be
the support piece under the cabin sole below the compression post that
supports the mast. There have been problems with delamination of this
part. If delaminated, repairs would need to be done, but not that big
of a deal."

Sounds like what I'm dealing with -- and I'd love to know how to make this 'not that big of a deal!'


Dr. C.

riphonda 03-16-2009 11:30 PM

Ive recently torn apart the whole mess and will try to post pictures for you. Its no small job but you'll find that the stringer "block" under the compression post is just some screwed together plywood and is rather suspect anyways so is a nice thing as far as piece of mind goes to take care of. Mine was a totally mush ball. So was the sole under all the filler they put on it. I replaced the compression post support block with a solid piece of 4x6 douglas fir, new plywood floor and now finished sole on top. My "teak and holly" which is really some sort of teak veneer over a polyester filler (about an eighth of an inch thick when new) was also dry and not much hinted at the rotten mess below. Not a warning to scare you but these boats were built with plywood that was not sealed so the sole is totally open to moisture intrusion. If a small section were cut away you could likely replace just the problem areas under the rig but would probably want to opt for a complete new teak and holly type covering so as to look uniform. Heres a few links to the whole ordeal: I was doing the whole boat over anyways so dont be alarmed at the amount of stuff being taken apart in pics. The boat now has all new stringers, sole, bulkheads, galley, berths, stove, some wiring and engine upgrades. Been a fun project so far. Enough for one winter though, time to go sailin' Im here if you have questions. Cheers. Brendan.



Soggy Post Block:

New Block:

New Stringers:

New Sole glassed


kd3pc 03-24-2009 06:00 PM

Dr C

does your surveyor have experience with Sabre in particular...what you have described is a known issue with many Sabres. On my 38, the laminated block was replaced with an epoxy coated piece of hardwood, and a steel plate on top. YOu will need to make sure that this piece is correctly made, installed and sealed, else it will re-appear. The 28's are very similar, smaller.

If this has been completed correctly, then you merely need to repair/replace the sole itself. Once the backing has been wet and not dried correctly, you almost need to replace (it is easier) SOme replace with synthetic teak, others use an epoxy coated marine plywood and attach veneer, teak, holly, cherry, mahogany, etc and then finish. To match to the existing curved sole, that is likely 20+ years old, you will need to find a true craftsman, boat carpenter and someone who knows Sabre...

All the best..btw, the solution is to seal the mast step/partners, open or add limber holes to the sump where the step sits and make sure that any leaks are corrected...


Audubon 03-31-2009 12:13 PM

Fix for the wobble
If the bilge cover is the only problem, try this. Cut small posts of treated lumber to fit snugly between the lip on which the cover rests and the floor of the bilge. Fasten them with screws tdown hrough the lip into the post. The posts will take the load off the lip, and will stabilize the bilge cover.

But pay attention to the more serious issues raised in the other posts.

ajdster 09-23-2011 10:25 AM

Thanks for your post riphonda!

Just about to attempt this myself -- what I found under the compression post most closely resembled compost ... guessing it's been there about 10 years. :(

After investigating marine ply laminated into a block, fiberglass layup to height and even concrete (!), I'm leaning towards using a chunk of "live oak" for the replacement support. I'll post pictures as I go through it.

Nice to see that nasty sole/flooring _can_ be removed! ;-)


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