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danielgoldberg 03-31-2008 09:08 PM

Had our hull surveyed today
Our insurance company requires this to get a rider for a trip to Bermuda.

Miracle's a 1988 Freedom 45, hull number 2. Like all Freedoms and many TPI boats, she's cored.

Survey came back totally solid. No delamination, or core wetness. Slight moisture in the rudder, but who hasn't had that problem. I was confident this was the case due to a few things we've done to her. Among other things, we pulled all the through hulls 4 years ago. At that time we routed out the coring around all through hull penetrations and backfilled with epoxy. The core was entirely dry around all the through hulls then, except for one which was damp, not rotten. I was surprised that the through hull penetrations hadn't been routed/backfilled at the factory, and was told by the builder that I shouldn't forget mine was hull number 2 and it was 1988. Apparently later hull numbers had this done at the factory, as well as vacuum bagging and all the usual assortment of building/construction advances.

Anyway, just adding to the core/non-core debate. This is our first cored hull, and it was something that made me a bit wary when we bought her, but having had her for a while now, it's like anything else. Some positives and some negatives, and it's just something that we need to be aware of and check periodically. We've taken core samples from time to time from various spots, and never found anything remotely troublesome. Miracle's now 20 years old and no signs of core trouble yet. I probably just jinxed myself and the whole thing will turn to mush in 6 weeks.

cardiacpaul 03-31-2008 09:21 PM

For those that fret over cored bits on a boat, please gander.

danielgoldberg 03-31-2008 09:30 PM

Bermuda and back this summer. Probably head to Block Island too later in the summer.

Nothing long term. Yet. Unfortunately. We've got designs on taking some time off of work to go cruising with the kids for a year, but we're just not there yet.

chris_gee 04-15-2008 04:09 AM

And part 2 Paul?

sailortjk1 05-22-2008 10:19 AM

Dude, you need to use a translator.
Most of us here do not read Chinese.

sailingdog 05-22-2008 10:20 AM

they're a spammer

Sapperwhite 05-22-2008 10:24 AM

55 posts in under an hour, he'll have you soon dog...... your days are numbered!

sailingdog 05-22-2008 10:44 AM

Nah... i ratted them out to the mods.... i don't like competition. :)

Originally Posted by Sapperwhite (Post 318226)
55 posts in under an hour, he'll have you soon dog...... your days are numbered!

NOLAsailing 05-24-2008 11:22 AM

Good news on the hull survey. It blows my mind how some builders fail to isolate core when constructing boats.

sailingdog 05-24-2008 09:02 PM


Often, the cores in cored hull boats fail due to owner ignorance or neglect. I know of one boat that had to have about 40% of the hull re-cored because a single mounting screw, a pretty tiny, insignificant screw, was used in the wrong place without proper potting of the screw.

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