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thorrad 08-04-2010 12:27 PM

Bombay 44. Anyone sailed one?
I am always looking at possible next boats. Who isn't? As a liveaboard hoping to have the next boat around for many years and hoping to cruise many miles in blue water with that boat I have been looking at a bunch of different vessels.

As my financial abilities are somewhat limited, I am looking to find a boat that is sub 100k and capable of sailing the oceans. I have looked at many factory boats and for the most part find them lacking. there are lots of costal cruisers out there that work but are not rugged enough. (Just because they sailed to my home port on their own hulls doesn't mean that they are around the world capable!)

There is an interesting boat that is local to me that may be ok though. It's a Bombay 44. I have seen a few folks around here who have sailed on them and I am wondering, Is this a blue water capable boat? Or is it a costal cruiser? it looks cut up on the interior like I want my next boat to be but if it's not rugged and dependable in adverse seas I don't want it. The price is right but I am not in the market right now. Just trying to get the field winnowed down.

Anyone who has had experience with these boats, I would love to hear your take on the build, rigidity, motion, and reliability of the late 70's and early 80's versions of the Bombay 44's.


TQA 08-04-2010 09:07 PM

I bought one as my liveaboard 'forever' boat. It is fast; I sail single handed some of the time but am happy to see 7.5 knots without getting concerned and passing people is great.

I bought it expecting that my sailing would be confined to the Caribbean basin but I would be happy to sail it back to the UK.

I do not think it meets the classic bluewater capable paramaters, for one thing the cockpit is HUGE. I also have some reservations about the lack of a cross bulkhead on the chain plate axis. It is a big central saloon.

I looked at a LOT of boats and did my homework before buying Elephants Child. She had been the subject of an extensive refit and this was a factor as I felt I needed to do very little before going cruising. But if for some reason I was looking again for a boat a Bombay 44 would be top of my sub 100k boats.

A Beneteau Idylle 43 would be the next on the list but I just love the size of the shower on the Bombay; room for a at least two friends!

My blog

Some pics

I really like my boat, it is as big as I want to handle on my own at my age [63], it it is fast [ my last boat was a heavy UGLY slow steel ketch ] and best of all when I see it sitting there in the anchorage I think she looks good.

Mind you I had the cockpit cover part of the bimini off recently to do some restitching and it looked very different, not nearly as sleek.

Feel free to PM me for anything specific.

Lawson 07-26-2015 02:29 AM

Re: Bombay 44. Anyone sailed one?

The Bombay Explorer 44 is up near the top of my list as well and am keeping my eyes open if one comes up. I was wondering, since you've had the boat awhile now, if you can point out any weaknesses or important things to keep an out out for on that particular boat.

TQA 07-26-2015 12:43 PM

Re: Bombay 44. Anyone sailed one?
Re Bombay 44

Chain plates and the bulkheads or flanges they attach too need careful inspection. I would definitely pull all the chain plates if they were original.

Mine had had the water tanks and fuel tank replaced by the previous owner. This would have been a big job involving much dismantling of the interior and I suspect cutting out the floor in the salon. I do not know if they did this as a precaution or they found that the tanks were leaking.

If you find cracking all over the deck and cockpit I believe this is a fault with the gel coat used although some cracks are clearly in areas of high stress. Mine has such cracks and it was an area of serious concern for me. I was able to talk to a surveyor who had looked at the boat a few years back and who remembered the cracks being there. In other words they are not getting much worse and are mainly cosmetic.

If the one you are looking at is the centerboard version I would find a way to check the hole / bearing in the board. I do not know what bearing material was used but it was long gone and the pin was chewing through the board. Easy repair once I had the board out.

Lawson 07-29-2015 10:22 AM

Re: Bombay 44. Anyone sailed one?
Thanks TQA! I will have a close look at all of those things. The owner wasn't sure what the water tank is made of I'll have to find out. He said the fuel tank is aluminum which I am pretty sure doesn't have corrosion issues like the old "black iron" ones.

Can you tell me how the Bombay sails in lighter wind?

Lawson 07-29-2015 12:49 PM

Re: Bombay 44. Anyone sailed one?

I apparently can't PM you as I don't have enough post on the forum. Would you mind if I sent you an older inspection of the Bombay to see what you thought? You can reach me at marantz22 at hotmail dotcom

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