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Saltonsails 08-30-2012 01:54 PM

94 Hunter Legend 35.5 & Yanmar 3GM30F
Hi all.

I'm in the market for my first sailboat. I've done a fair amount of research on boat design and engines and would like to tug on your experience if I could.

I wish to use the boat for coastal cruising and day sailing. This boat is large enough for my family but not so large that it will break the bank for me.

Please feel free to point out any inconsistencies in my understanding of this boat/engine.

Here goes......
I know there are a lot of Hunter haters out there, however my understanding is it's primarily due to design/construction in the pre 1990 boats. Sailboats manufactured after 1989 dealt with the issues that plagued Hunter prior to this. That being said a 94, 35.5 Legend should be a reasonably well thought out and constructed boat, that should meet my needs.

This boat has a Yanmar 3GM30F diesel engine. It has not been overhauled since new and has been run on the West coast (salt water) since new. There is no meter to indicate hours on the engine, so I can only assume it would have over 2000 hours on it.
The reading I've done so far doesn't shine a favourable light on this engine. However I realise that if your engine is running fine and you've had no issues with it, the chance of finding your praise on line is virtually nil, as your spending your time sailing as opposed to fixing. My knowledge on the subject is limited to what I can find on line, so I wish to ensure my opinion is balanced and not just based on bad experiences people have had in the past.

Any information you could share, what to look for or stay away from would be appreciated.

Thanks, Rob.

Faster 08-30-2012 02:41 PM

Re: 94 Hunter Legend 35.5 & Yanmar 3GM30F
Hi Rob

Which of the 355s listed locally are you looking at?

I do think that that model/year of Hunter is a good choice for our area.. decent/good layout, nice galley and reasonable cockpit. I also like the conventional fractional rig and frankly quite like the 'look' of the boat esp vs the following 'hot tub cockpit' series that replaced it.

The one in Ladner had some serious issues when we looked at it; I've not seen the one in West Van, but did look at a bit of a 'one-of' wrt to rig and sail controls, that I've been told is now off the market. There's an absolutely cherry one privately for sale in Heather Civic, very well kept but is priced a tad high....

As to the engine I think you'll find that model on a lot of boats... if it's been looked after I'd not worry too much on that score.

Saltonsails 08-30-2012 05:06 PM

Re: 94 Hunter Legend 35.5 & Yanmar 3GM30F
Hi Faster.
Thanks for the thread. It's listed with Speciality Yachts & on Yachtworld YW# 1883-2481563 "Metanoia".

I haven't actually gone down to look at it yet but I may in the coming weeks. I'm in no hurry, the season is rapidly coming to an end and I don't want to rush into any purchase unless it's the right boat at a great price. I want to get set up for next spring/summer.

So you didn't like the one in Ladner??? Why not, what did you see that turn you off? I'm new to this so anything you pass on is greatly appreciated.

Faster 08-30-2012 05:47 PM

Re: 94 Hunter Legend 35.5 & Yanmar 3GM30F
Metanoia was hauled at Granville Is a couple of months back and had some work done around the rudder post.. not sure what exactly the issue was but presumably it's been repaired. I've only looked at it from the ground - beyond a few dock dings it didn't look too bad from there.

Liberty is/was another listed.. interesting to me because it's got jumper struts and an in-cockpit traveler. It's an earlier model with the old interior (same arrangement less pleasing cabinetry - but perhaps a tad more storage.. also fewer hull ports, none midships) Off market, I'm told.

The one with Meridian in Ladner was very smelly and lots of evidence of neglect and leaking ports it really didn't show well and, I believe, has an absentee owner. It might clean up but it will be a job.

One privately on CL in Heather Civic was really pristine, current liveaboard. At $70K+ ask she's well above the rest, but a serious non-lowball offer might work. It is in great shape.

All, AFAIK, still have the original problematic aluminum holding tank, and the wing keel (not a bad one, I'm informed, but I've seen one in Olympia that claims 6 foot draft - my preference)

Gotta run...We're off to Newcastle for the weekend....

Odyssey127 10-15-2012 02:14 AM

Re: 94 Hunter Legend 35.5 & Yanmar 3GM30F
Hi there. I happen to see your post and thought I'd mention that I have a very well kept 94 Hunter 35.5 Legend that I plan to put up for sale soon.

Saltonsails 10-15-2012 03:08 PM

Re: 94 Hunter Legend 35.5 & Yanmar 3GM30F
Hi, thanks for taking the time to drop me a line.

Yes I am interested, but I have a couple questions:

Where is the boat located?

Are you able to provide me a detailed equipment list and maintenance records?

Thanks much,

Odyssey127 10-15-2012 04:37 PM

Re: 94 Hunter Legend 35.5 & Yanmar 3GM30F
The boat is in San Francisco, if that's not too far from where you want to buy I can certainly supply everything you need to asses this boat for purchase


Saltonsails 10-15-2012 06:59 PM

Re: 94 Hunter Legend 35.5 & Yanmar 3GM30F
Hi Ed, thanks,

I live in Vancouver B.C.
San Francisco is a bit far as I would have to truck it up to the lower mainland. The cost to ship the boat that far will be a factor in any offer I make. I would imagine you will have a number of people in the bay area that will be interested without that reduction on your end.

I would like to have a look at any photo's/description you put together though. You never know. As yet I haven't found a boat that appeals to me. So still looking!

Cheer's, Rob

BCboy 01-27-2013 12:58 PM

Re: 94 Hunter Legend 35.5 & Yanmar 3GM30F
How has your search been going? I see that Menatoia is still for sale.
I'm looking at a 35.5 in Richmond called Whisper. Do you (or Faster) have any comments on this one? Also, there are 3 over on the island. Have you been to see them?
I've really been looking at Catalina 34's which think are terrific boats, but lately I've come to think that the hunter is much more value for the money.

Faster 01-27-2013 01:59 PM

Re: 94 Hunter Legend 35.5 & Yanmar 3GM30F
BCB... if the one in Richmond is with Meridian and at Captain's Cove it was pretty rough. Absentee owner, mold, obvious port leakage evidence and overall pretty 'smelly'. Was overpriced as a result. Price may be coming down, IIRC it was at $56K.

We took a solid pass on that one. I think Rob has seen the Island boats and is still shopping (FWTW)....

I like the Cats too, but much prefer the 35.5's fractional rig and I think the layout is as good; the galley is better than the C34, but probably not the C36.

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