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saltfree 10-03-2012 12:51 PM

Do YOU own a Cal 2-29?(Headroom question)
I have been looking all over the place (including lurking on this site for quite awhile) to try and figure out the headroom on the Cal 2-29. There is one approx. 12hr drive away from me that I am very interested in.

So far, I have only found descriptions like "there's enough headroom", and "it's a little cramped"

If there is anyone out there reading this that owns a Cal 29, I would REALLY appreciate an actual reading from a measuring tape! The one spot I am most interested in the clearance measurement is the galley. I am perfectly happy to sit/ stoop through out the boat, but if the galley is significantly shorter than 6'3" (ie, not 5'8") I'd love to know BEFORE I get all excited about travelling all day to see this boat.

BTW, I have asked the seller for this information already, but (a) they haven't sent it yet and (b)I wouldn't mind hearing from a disinterested third party anyhow.


BTW, as this is my first ever post on this site, I do apologize in advance if I somehow made any Noobie etiquette mistakes...

nickmerc 10-03-2012 01:03 PM

Re: Do YOU own a Cal 2-29?(Headroom question)
When I was looking to buy the Cal 29-2 was on my list. I saw a few of them and if I recall correctly I had to stoop everywhere down below. I am 6'2".

daledog 10-03-2012 06:58 PM

Re: Do YOU own a Cal 2-29?(Headroom question)
yup, I showed a 2-29 (which has the same headroom as a 29) and the buyer was 6'2" and he stood everywhere and had to stoop. nowhere he could stand straight. But great boats...

saltfree 10-03-2012 11:47 PM

Re: Do YOU own a Cal 2-29?(Headroom question)
Yes, I figured it was likely less than 6'3" (my height), as are I would assume, most boats under 30'. I'm just trying to ascertain how much under 6'3" it really is. A little stoop is OK for a weekender, and it seems like pretty much every single boat is a compromise of something... I'd just like to have an idea of exactly what the headroom is, so I can get an idea of how much I'll be bent over, and then decide whether I'm willing to live with that.

Everything else I've read about the Cal 2-29 (and 29) seems like it's a pretty decent boat, and would be something that would otherwise suit us perfectly (until the next boat, right?...:D)

saltfree 10-03-2012 11:56 PM

Re: Do YOU own a Cal 2-29?(Headroom question)

Originally Posted by nickmerc (Post 929265)
When I was looking to buy the Cal 29-2 was on my list. .

So what did you decide on?

nickmerc 10-04-2012 02:54 PM

Re: Do YOU own a Cal 2-29?(Headroom question)
I ended up with a Pearson 30. It has just enough headroom under the companionway hatch that I can stand up straight there. Overall I do not have to stoop too much anywhere in the main salon. I love the boat and am very happy with my purchase. Unfortunately, my circumstances have changed and we are now selling it. We just don't get out on the boat enough to justify the annual slip fees. We will be stepping down to a trailer sailer after we sell the P30.

If any taller people are interested in a great boat, please PM me for more details.

SlowButSteady 10-04-2012 04:33 PM

Re: Do YOU own a Cal 2-29?(Headroom question)
I can't address the headroom in a Cal 2-29 directly, but on my Cal 2-27 it's about 6'1" or 6'2" in the main cabin. It's hard to believe that it would be less on the 2-29.

svHyLyte 10-04-2012 07:22 PM

Re: Do YOU own a Cal 2-29?(Headroom question)
FWIW we owned a Cal 2-29 from 1976 through 2002 (and in a way I regret that we ever gave her up). I am (or at least was) 6' tall and I never had any difficulty with head room aboard the yacht (and my much better half, at 4'-11", none what-so-ever!). Note, however, that the sole of the yacht is not "flat". Accordingly, headroom along the centerline is greater than it is if one has one's toes up against the cabinets to starboard, or the seatee/berth to port. That said, however, one rarely has one's feet in such positions unless the yacht is heeled, in which case "vertical" is "diagonal with respect to the yacht. The only position where one might have an issue is forward of the salon, in the "head" compartment. On the other hand however, one of my routine crew was 6'3" and he never had an issue with "head room". We sailed the yacht all over the west coast, from as far north as San Francisco to as far south as Ensenada, and to heck's half acre in between, and finally brought her to Florida in '92, where we did the same between Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa Bay. The boat is a sweet, fast, strong, safe yacht that can take far more than her crew and come up pert and smiling. As, when, if we give up the "big boat" I shall look for another 2-29 as one cannot find many yachts with her qualities anywhere near what's asked for them these days. (And, for what its worth, I still get grief from my daughter about having sold the little yacht, even after 11 years. As we stood there on the dock at our club as the new owner pulled away, my daughter balled her eyes out. The yacht had been ours, and our holiday/vacation home, from the time she was born, and she couldn't forgive me for "selling part of our family!".)


saltfree 10-05-2012 02:29 AM

Re: Do YOU own a Cal 2-29?(Headroom question)
Wow, thanks for the useful input, svHyLyte. I had noticed the "not flat" sole in photos... so maybe the key would be, when it's my turn in the galley... to stand in the middle of the boat while we're on a port tack with the starboard side well heeled over so I can stand "diagonally" (like how I sleep on short beds sometimes) :D As for the head, well, seems to me that sitting down is the best option to prevent extra cleaning duties anyhow!

saltfree 02-08-2013 01:26 AM

Re: Do YOU own a Cal 2-29?(Headroom question)
Hmmmmm, so I've found one for about $7000 CDN that is in OK shape. I went and had a look at it, but I'm realizing that my frame of reference on used boats isn't very good yet. I haven't done enough comparisons to know if what I'm looking at is what I should expect for that price. I keep running the advice that I heard about spending a little more for a boat that already has what I'm looking for, as opposed to trying to do all the fixer upping myself.

This particular boat seemed like it had been reasonably (not exceptionally) maintained, without much updating.
The pros: it is a Cal 2-29 with wheel steering, I really like the layout.
Inboard engine (Yanmar 18hp) runs, but is looking "old". Bilge under engine is filthy.
Interior in OK condition, cushions seem clean, no weird stains anywhere.

The cons: none of the thru hulls have been changed. They are the 1/4 turn type, but looking rough. The bilge does fill with some water coming from ??? if the bilge pump is not left in the "auto" position.
The sails (1 main + 3 headsails) are all looking pretty beat up, and the mainsail is actually from a Thunderbird 26 (measurements not 100% correct for Cal 29)
Bulkhead sliding door sticks and won't open beyond 1/2 way. I've heard this can be a warning of big problems.
Small leak through deck at starboard chainplate.
Salt crystals on back of most of the drawers. Can this occur from salt in the air over time, or is this a sign that the boat was submerged at some point?

Anyhow, this boat could be great someday, and seems the perfect size and layout for me and my family, but is it worth the work and $$$ ?

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