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GlacialEratic 03-08-2010 12:19 PM

Fibreglass fracture at keel/hull joint
I need some sage repair advice. My 1985 Pearson 303 has an internally ballasted keep. I bought it on the hard last april and had to have it transported about 50 miles from 'there' to 'here' last June 1 when it was launched. While I didn't do an inspection between the time the hauler picked it up and delivered it before it hit the water, I soon thereafter identified a weeping leak into the bilge. Leak rate was about a couple gallons inth recessed bilge in 24 hours, and identified the entrance point where the rear of the bilge recess ended, at the top where the recessed area met the hull at the aft end of the bilge. When it was hauled in October I saw a significant crack in the fibreglass exterior at the rounded aft end of the keel at its upper point where that trailing edge meets the hull. Can't tell the depth of the crack but it extends about 2 inches on both port and starboard faces of the keel starting at a point a couple inches below the hull/keel joint and at a 45 degree angle upward as it extends forward.

I've been reading the West System manuals in anticipation of a fix and have this question. How do I determine what different weights / types fibreglass fabric to use to lay up this repair after I grind open the fibreglass to see the extent (depth) of the damage?

Any words of wisdom or experience out there? Launch is May 15 and the weather here is ALMOST good enough to start this and all the other minimum requirements for pre-launch maintenance.

sailingfool 03-08-2010 12:44 PM

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I gotta say this is a repair that may desrve an experts eye, you'll be going into a very thick laminate, where the repair has to carry a real load.

GlacialEratic 03-08-2010 07:16 PM

This would be a first time effort for me for working w/ fibreglass, so that sounds like sage advice.

GlacialEratic 05-26-2010 07:48 PM

all's well that ends well
Well, after considering the sage advice within this thin thread, I got three quotes from local folks. Amazing range from $3000 to $600. The low quote was a young couple just starting out in their business a couple years ago, a veteran who had worked in a marina shop previously to the service. After visiting the fellow's shop and seeing some of his work, and discussing his approach, I engaged him. He did a very neat repair outside and inside the bilge and took his time, taking advantage of some warmer spring days to ensure proper curing, etc. Glad I didn't tackle it myself as time goes so quickly in the launch season !!

In the water and bilge dry!~

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