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Bright14u 03-18-2011 01:40 PM

Ideas Please 1979 Hunter 30 with Edson Wheel.
I have purchased a 79 Hunter 30 (= Fell in Love with her at First Sight((=
Edson Wheel The Adjustable Idler Base is Rusted Off )= She is 2 hours Drive away and would Like to Make a Emergency Repair? Anyone have this sort of Problem in the past? Any Help? She is a 2 Day Sail from my home and Figured if I can Get her Here(= I will fabricate or Manufacture a new base.
Please and Thank You


deniseO30 03-18-2011 04:19 PM

Fix it right the first time. Buy the parts, it's not all that difficult to work on. the hardest part would be getting the pedestal base bolts loose because most are aluminum (drill em out) order the new sheaves from The cable comes off the quadrant very easy. just very very greasy.

Edson has your boats steering and parts listed here's the PDF file from edson

on the parts page;

Welcome to sailnet! You can fix your steering the right way. really. Good luck!

Faster 03-18-2011 04:33 PM

How useable is your 'emergency tiller' arrangement? On some wheel-steered boats these are difficult to use effectively with the binnacle in place. If your standby tiller is OK to use, maybe get yourself home that way and deal with the issue when you get back.

View Boat Photos -

Looking at Photo #3 here it looks like there's a reasonable distance between the rudder post (under the cover at the aft end of the cockpit seating) and the wheel to allow use of a tiller. By rights the boat will have one sitting somewhere below, perhaps forgotten.

Otherwise you're stuck with Denise's plan (not a bad one) to fix it all before the trip - providing you'll have the parts, tools and time to do so.

QuickMick 04-27-2011 12:08 PM

my emergency tiller was mounted under the lazz in the cockpit, might want to look there. should be tough to miss... lol

btw, as D mentioned those bolts are a bear. i removed the same pedestal from a boat for resale and it was a real beach. i ended up having to use a compressor and an impact driver. might wanna consider the tools you will need and bring anything that might come in handy. hate to see you drive two hours to find you dont have what you ned

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