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JRA1968 08-31-2011 07:21 PM

ice making
Hello all i would like to hear from you on ways of making ice while cruising.And if you are using power what the consumption might be. Oh yea this is my first post so i hope i am doing it right corrections are appreciated . Thanks Jeff:cool:

mitiempo 09-01-2011 01:56 AM

That first ice cube will cost a lot.:D

Here is a link to marine icemakers. Isotherm Marine Grade Ice Makers, Stainless Steel, 120 VAC/60 Hz or 230 VAC/50Hz or 230 VAC/60Hz - from

2.8 amps @115 volts. That translates to about 35 amp draw through an inverter or I suppose you could use a generator.

Most cruisers struggle to produce enough power for lights, instruments, and basic refrigeration, depending on boat size and complexity. Larger boats do often have 12 volt refrigerator/freezers.

What size boat do you have or desire to have? It is a lot simpler to learn to like drinks without ice.

First post? I count 12.

JRA1968 09-01-2011 02:59 AM

Yea i meant to say thread.oops. Im looking at 660 watts 24 volt solar system,just trying to put a complete system analogy together and get as much usefull info from my fellow sailors out there as possable. Also thinking about a small generator system,looking at extensive sailing to very remote places so need self reliance. Thanks for the input Cheers

Minnewaska 09-03-2011 07:58 AM

Depends on what you mean by cruising. We do two to three weeks max and have a 110v ice maker in the salon. Before leaving the dock, it is important that is is absolutely full, as the refrigeration will be off during the day and this keeps it from melting excessively. It essentially becomes an insulated cooler.

We run the generator for 60 to 90 mins very morning and evening when cruising, which refreezes the ice maker and may drop another load or two. As it freezes, you have to stir the cubes once or they will freeze together. We get the most out of this practice by charging phones, iPads, and lights as well as accommodating those that must have a hair dryer, etc.

After two weeks of this practice, we will accumulate about 1.5 inches of a solid frozen block at the bottom, however, the maker has more remaining ice than we've ever been able to use.

If we are forced to motor or motor sail for a period of time, we may run the inverter to freeze while making power off the alternator. Assuming we average about two hours of running the genset per day, that cost approx $6 per day. This will add up over time, but given the conveniences mentioned, it is well worth it to us. Power at a transient dock would be much more.

Last thought.... Since we naturally use the ice for drinks, we have a bottled water reservoir that feeds the ice maker.

MacGyverRI 09-04-2011 12:24 PM

The countertop units might do what you want. WalMart has a bunch of them and they don't use much elec..

Igloo Countertop Portable Ice Maker, White -

SeaDreamer1Day 10-03-2011 02:20 PM

Great bargain.
Those units look like a great bargain. I'm sure they aren't marine grade and so probably have a finite lifespan, but. . . Now you don't even need refrigeration. You just run your ice maker to keep enough ice in your icebox to keep food cold and have enough for your drinks. Who knows, maybe if you looked really hard you could find some fellow cruisers who might appreciate some of your extra ice.

Capt Len 11-15-2011 01:41 PM

London Drugs has a desk top icemaker for under 100 bucks. I would think a small inverter and a solar panel as a stand alone system would offer tinkly for the sundowner. You would have the use it up all daily so it doesn't melt and refreeze. So. another t+g is acceptable. ( the package said they'll make 25 lbs in 24 hrs if you have the power)

superiorvoyager 12-28-2011 07:47 PM

I have been thinking along the same line with a counter top ice maker. My 32' has a big ice box which I fill with block ice. It lasts about 12 days but I really miss the ice cubeswhich only last about 5 days. My thinking is to use a counter top ice maker to keep the ice box (and the drinks) topped up. If these counter top units work as well as they claim it might really do the trick.

svtwilight 01-10-2012 08:08 AM


Originally Posted by JRA1968 (Post 768605)
Hello all i would like to hear from you on ways of making ice while cruising.And if you are using power what the consumption might be. Oh yea this is my first post so i hope i am doing it right corrections are appreciated . Thanks Jeff:cool:

Anyone use the Engel 15?

Specs say 12v with 3 amp draw and holds 15 quarts down to 0F

Not a lot of space, but enough to create ice!

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