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To All SailNet Forum Members

RE: Forum Rules & Guidelines

This is an effort to put into one place a more complete explanation of the rules and guidelines regarding personal conduct on the forums. Most of these rules you agreed to when joining the forum, others have evolved over time to reinforce our community culture and have proven their worth. Because this is a community, we recognize that new rules may be needed from time to time, or old ones modified and we will try to make this the one place you can look to for guidance. We welcome your input over time.


1. Above all, maintain civility towards each other. Personal attacks and harassment are forbidden and RESPONDING to personal attacks with another personal attack is also forbidden. If you have been attacked, simply press the report post button and let the moderators handle the offender. If you become an not expect to be treated any differently than the original offender. This rule applies to on line postings and to PM's and 'Rep' comments as well.
We encourage strong debates within the forums...but attack ideas and opinions and facts...not the person posting them!
2. Profanity is not permitted on these forums and software is being installed to eliminate MOST profanity from posts. Basically we will define profanity as words that may not be used on network TV and will also treat variations of those words that attempt to get by the software in the same manner. Moderators are empowered to remove profanity that the software does not catch by deleting the words or entire posts as they see fit. Warnings will be issued to repeat offenders and more serious consequences will follow for those who persist.
3. Likewise, vulgarity, obscenity, nudity and sexually explicit posts are also banned from the site. Our moderators will use their judgement in these cases and if you feel a post has been unfairly deleted you may ask for the moderators as a group to reconsider your post. Note that stricter enforcement will be applied within the sailing and herSailNet forums and a bit more tolerance will be shown in the OFF TOPIC forum which is more suited to adult oriented topics. We encourage ALL members to report to the moderators any post in any forum that they find offensive through the 'report post' button.
4. No multiple sign on names are permitted. One identity per poster. Couples should each have their own identity. Persons we discover using dual identities will be permanently banned.
5. This forum is not to be used to sell things to members OR settle personal disputes or attack vendors. This is a community. If you come here to use the community rather than be a part of it, expect to be banned.
6. Copyright violations are prohibited. Please link to any web content you are concerned about rather than pasting it on the site. Some copyright material may be posted on the site under 'fair use' doctrine but moderators will remove any questionable material they find and the copyright holder for the content of your posts may hold YOU responsible.
7. Members who, while following the 'letter of the law' creatively, create undue labor by the moderators in dispute resolution arising from their posts shall be subject to sanctions.
8. Your may not post messages that are meant to offend or incite conflict.
10. We reserve the right to limit your access if you cause undue labor on the part of our volunteer moderators in the mediation of disputes arising from your posts
11. We reserve the right to ban any member at any time without notice if that member becomes a detriment to the forum. We are under no obligation to forewarn you of your impending banning.

1. No advertising is permitted on the forums. We define advertising as any offering of goods or services to our members or linking to sites where such offerings will be made in your interest. This site is supported by paid advertising. Should you wish to advertise to SailNet's over 100,000 active members, please contact
2. Some of the most helpful and knowledgeable members of our community are those who also are in a marine business. Due to the potential conflict of interest in your advice to members, we require that your on line signature disclose your commercial affiliation. (i.e. 'Joe Sailor - President Cheap Sails Inc.')
3. Even when your signature discloses your commercial interest you may NOT recommend your service on line or initiate threads about your business or solicit members via PM or E-mail. You MAY however respond to direct questions from other members about product or service specifics. 'i.e. what do I hook the yellow wire on your transponder to?'
4. While SailNet employs 'Spam Filters' and other methods to prevent and weed out most commercial posts, some folks are quite creative. We ask members to hit the 'report post' button to notify the moderators of any post you feel is commercial in nature.
5. You may not insert a signature in your post promoting a commercial enterprises/website unless you are a Sailnet Advertiser.

1. We welcome 'newbies' to our community regardless of your level of sailing experience! Please use our 'introduce yourself ' thread to let us all know something about you.
2. As a 'spam' and 'bot' related preventative measure, we do not permit new members to post links or send personal messages until they have recorded ten posts. If you can't think of ten sailing related posts to make...try the 'song thread'!
3. Like joining any club, it will take you a bit of time to understand the dynamics of our community, get used to the various personalities and develop a reputation of your own. We encourage you to read the 'NEWCOMERS-To Get More Out of SailNet' thread here: to help you understand how the site functions work and how to save time and become a well respected member of the community in short order.
4. In addition to these guidelines, some individual sub-forums have their own special guidelines. These guidelines can be found in 'Sticky' posts at the top of these forums. Please pay particular attention to the extra guidelines when posting to those forums.

1. The primary role of SailNet moderators is to help maintain the SailNet community culture. This is accomplished primarily through constructive and helpful participation in forum discussions, but also through the exercise of their powers to remove objectionable content, and ban members (temporarily or permanently) who refuse to adhere to our terms of service.
2. SailNet moderators are unpaid volunteers who spend many hours each week helping to maintain our community culture and enforce the forum rules set by SailNet management. As such, we expect them to be treated with respect in their ROLE and any harassment of the moderators will be dealt with harshly. To be may disagree with the advice or opinions of the mods on line posts as community members. We will not tolerate harassment of the mods due to decisions made in their role as moderators. If you feel a moderator has treated YOU unfairly, please drop a note to that moderator or one of the others detailing your issue and it will be re-looked at by the entire group.
3. Moderators themselves are expected to strictly adhere to and support our community standards, but their opinions as participants in the community are their own. If you feel a moderator has violated a forum posting rule, please use the 'report post' button which will alert all moderators to the issue and insure that it is dealt with. If you feel a moderator has treated YOU unfairly, please drop a note to that moderator or one of the others detailing your issue and it will be looked at by the entire group.
4. Your moderators are CruisingDad, Camaraderie, and Jeff_H. Please feel free to PM them with any questions or issues you may have. - our store
The SailNet forums are provided free of charge as a service of Advertising sales and sales in our SailNet store supports these forums. We are working continuously to provide to enhance your shopping experience and bring you great products and prices. We know you have lots of places where you can buy your boating products. We hope you will consider us when making your next marine purchase if you enjoy these forums. We don't ask you for your business... just the chance to EARN IT! We will do all we can to satisfy you and make you a repeat customer.

The above rules and guidelines are designed to supplement the sign on agreement you made when you joined SailNet. Nothing in that agreement is changed in any way by this notice and you remain bound by these rules when using this site - listed below:
--------------------------------------------------- Registration Terms and Conditions of Service. Registration Terms and Conditions of Service

Welcome to SailNet, the World's largest online sailing community. Registration is free! However, in order to proceed, you must agree to the following Registration Terms and Conditions of Service - "The Rules":

All SailNet members must abide by The Rules detailed below which includes the SailNet forum. There are separate terms of service, which covers the registration and use of the SailNet email lists at is a private website and as such, reserves the right to block access to anyone that does not follow The Rules or for any other reason. SailNet members may not post objectionable material or contents that are knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, harassing, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any laws including copyright laws. Please remember that SailNet is not responsible for the contents of any message posted by SailNet members and we do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information provided by SailNet members.

Although the administrators and moderators of will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author and the owners of will not be held responsible for the content of any message. Any SailNet member who believes that a forum message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by email - or my reporting the post in question. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary.

The owners of have the right to remove, edit, move or close any forum thread for any reason and we reserve the right to block your access to this site for any reason including if you:

* Have been untruthful during the sign-up process
* Post the same message in multiple forums - this is a forum rules violation
* Post messages promotion a commercial enterprise - this is only permitted for paying SailNet Advertisers
* Include links in your postings to commcerial enterprises in an effort to promote those enterprises regardless of your personal involvement in that enterprise - this is only permitted for paying SailNet Advertisers
* Register under multiple names in an attempt to hide your true identity and post under multiple screen names
* Post messages that are objectionable and meant to offend or incite conflict
* Cause undue labor on the part of volunteer moderators in the mediation of disputes arising from your posts
* Access this forum to gain knowledge of our features, promotions or programming techniques for use in enhancing competitive websites
* Use this forum to post messages that are meant to embarrass other members in an attempt to settle personal disputes
* You may not join this forum and use it to berate a vendor, dealer or manufacturer. If you've got an axe to grind please go elsewhere.
* Exploit this forum by contacting members to sell products and services privately instead of becoming paying advertisers (Especially Vendors, Merchants, Dealers & Brokers)
* Join this forum and use it to berate a vendor, dealer or manufacturer. If you've got an axe to grind please go elsewhere.

We reserve the right to publish information about you if you violate The Rules. You agree that any content you post on this forum may be re-used by for any reason without your consent. By clicking the button below, you agree to The Rules and agree to be bound by them while using the SailNet website.
Please remember that these forums are private and posting here is a privilege and not a right. We reserve the right to block access to this site for any reason.
Thanks in advance for reading and adhering to these rules and guidelines. We extend our welcome and hope you find the community as vibrant and addictive as we do!
SailNet CEO