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Cap-Couillon 08-13-2013 12:34 PM

This in no way has anything to do with getting bent over the chart table and spanked with a fender......

Navigatrix is a complete linux operating system put together by people on boats for people on boats.
Basically it is a compilation of electronic tools for navigation, communication, information and security that you can use offshore, on shore, or at anchor that is based on Debian/Ubuntu and can be booted from a "Live" USB stick (4 gig) or installed to your HD. It has the ability to dual boot Window$ if you prefer, although it is light enough to run on older slower machines that will gag on the latest windows distributions.

Navigatrix is free and open source, and while it has a ways to go in maturity the forum support is good, ahd for the most part it works as advertised "out of the box" A partial list of included programs:

*-My Favorites

*- OpenCPN 3.2.2 Chartplotter and all the plug-ins available for Linux
- Chart Converter and Calibration Utility. Make pictures from your paper charts, calibrate them and use them inside OpenCPN.
- zyGrib 6.1.4 Grib Weather Data
- qtVlm 3.4 Sailboat Router. Optimze your route according to current weather condition.
-Weather Wizard Superimpose weather fax and grib files to cross check for tropical phenomenons.
*- GnuAIS Decoder 0.2.4 integrated into OpenCPN. Turns your old VHF into a fully functional AIS reciever.
- PolarCOM 1.9.6 Full Screen GPS Display
- Airmail 3.4.062 for HAM and Sailmail with the latest frequency list and added zyGrib support
*- JWX 2.8 and HamFAX 0.8.1 to receive Weather Fax through SSB
*- JNX 1.4 Navtex Decoder
- JTides 5.2 Worldwide Tidal Calculator with the latest tide definition files
- WXTide 4.7
*- XTide 2.13-1
- Astronomical Almanac 5.6-4
-CelNav 0.1 Celestial Navigation Caclulator and Almanac Interface
- flDigi 3.21.68 and jPSKMail 2.0.30 to send and receive eMails over SSB without a Pactor Modem
*- gpsd 3.6-4 supports many GPS receivers out of the box and needs no additional drivers
- gpsbabel 1.4.3 converts your GPS routes and waypoints to many different formats
- gpstrans 0.41-3 communicates with your garmin GPS receiver
***- redshift 1.7 sets the color temperature according to the position of the sun, click the red light bulb to activate nightvision for all applications, the color will change smoothly to allow your eyes to slowly adapt. (Toooo Cool)

But wait ... There's More!

- wine-1.4.1 ... runs Windows Programs too! So you may also install your commercial navigation applications for windows (e.g. visual passage planner runs without a problem, just start the setup using wine and install it as you would in windows)
Plus the usual compliment of office applications Internet browsers, graphics programs etc.

As you can probably tell, I am quite taken with this distro. Down loaded Navigatrix and installed on 5 yr old laptop. Added $30 hockey-puck gps receiver from GlobalSat (usb) Down loaded and installed all the NOAA raster charts available (1000+ free) and Bob's your uncle... Navigation system / email / planetarium / etc / etc Total cost $30.00 plus a case of beer for the lap top.

mark2gmtrans 08-13-2013 12:58 PM

Re: Navigatrix
1. Navigatrix

A stylish woman with a map who can help you find your way.

A woman who knows where she is going and how to get there.

A good woman to know and have in your life, especially if you are lost.

A woman who's map is not only geographical but also spiritual and esoteric, she may help you find your way geographically, spirtually and persoanlly.

A bossy navigator!

A cartographer and director not just in a geographical sense.
I am a proffessional navigatrix with my own home-made map.

It has taken me a lifetime of study and learning to become a navigatrix.

If you are lost then a navigatrix can help you find your way again.

The navigatrix took control and directed the group safely and smoothly to their destination.

The motley crew had been driving in circles and felt relieved when the saw a stylish navigatrix waiting at the busstop reading a map "Are you lost?" She said as they pulled over.

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