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starcresttoo 08-29-2004 08:19 PM

electronic nav aids
on my last trip back from hawaii I was unable to get a position because the buttons woulndt work.After considerable coaxing I finally got it to work,and left it on for the rest of the way home.More recently when the bombs started falling in Pakistan my gps said I was going 242mph in my car when in fact I was stopped at a red lite.It may have been local interference,but on my next up and coming voyage I will be sure to navigate the real way,It may be a lost art,but it will work when needed,anyone who remembers me can write to me "STARCREST TOO...THE RANGE OF MOCEAN".I live omnbaord hassle free,no harbor nazzis,and no other rousting ********

jbanta 08-30-2004 05:08 AM

electronic nav aids
You let all that way without a backup receiver?

starcresttoo 08-31-2004 04:51 PM

electronic nav aids
that was in 1990 befor the days of gps,I used a vector loran,and to get lat/lon you had to press the #2 button.It would go"beep" and you would have your read out.Well,headed east about 8-900 mile off the cali coast ,there was no "beep".Keep in mint this malfunction can happen to any electronic nav aid.So out comes the navy surplus WW2 david white sextant.Even that relies on a radio for time tics,and it was very accurate. If you know what a VPOS plotting sheet is,just drop a small ball bearing on it,and thats the accuracy I got.Besides,from where I was at the time all I needed was am radio to find my way home

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