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starcresttoo 09-09-2004 09:31 PM

more on harnesses
I have done 15000 miles of mostly open ocean single handed sailing.What I use for a harness is a sky diving harness with the containers removed.(I am a certified skydiver D 18325).the harware is stainless steel,there are leg straps,chest sraps, and all sorts of comfortable padding.It also doubles as a bosun harness for going up the mast.I also keep attached a co2 activated pfd,just as if I was skydiving near an open body of water.these harnesses also have a neat feature that you wont find in any marine store type harness.there is a cut away handle that when pulled,releases you from ,well,in this case,the life can get one real cheap,I mean go to a place where people skydive,(a drop zone)put up an add on a bulletin board where people buy and sell there are bound to find an old harness in excellent condition for a negotiable price.offer beer or jump tickets.explain to them what you need it for.they will come to you.

starcresttoo 09-15-2004 12:16 AM

more on harnesses
also while youre at the drop some you may wnt to sign up for a jump.the view from up there is fantastic and is very exhilarating.thats what I do when I get the need for speed.

paulk 09-24-2004 05:23 PM

more on harnesses
I believe ISAF is moving towards requiring a quick-release feature on harnesses and lifejackets. Also saw a posting suggesting that a spelunker''s harness worked well. (More akin to sailor''s needs than a mountaineer''s harness, was the idea. )

starcresttoo 10-03-2004 11:17 PM

more on harnesses
yeah but ya know ,in cold rough weather I can put on my helmet,goggles,gloves,check the altimeter for an approching low,and now add the skydive harness,and I may as well be on "jump run" 3 miles up from ,well in this case ,the bottom.OK READY.... SET...

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