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waltersofbayport 06-13-2001 01:48 PM

proper navigation lights??
My Beneteau First 235 only has a masthead light with stacked lights; red on bottom, green, then white on top. I do have the ability to turn on just the white or just the colored or all three.

My question is this: all the regulations I have found say that a light of this sort is "optional" and must be accompianied by the standard side lights, and white stern light.

Why didn''t the manufacturer or the previous owners have these other lights if this is the rule? Or am I interpreting the rule incorrectly, and the one set of lights is all I need?

jack_patricia 06-13-2001 02:01 PM

proper navigation lights??
Walter, you describe the lights as ''stacked'' but don''t describe the arcs they illuminate. Are the R & G ligts sector (10 point) lights that show on the port & stbd sides respectively? Is the W light a 32 point/360 degree light? A 20 point light?

It sounds like a wierd set-up but my understanding of the nav light rules suggest that, in one case, your lights could be in compliance. Need to know what arcs they illuminate...


JEFryar 06-18-2001 04:47 AM

proper navigation lights??
As I understand the rules this light is proper while under sail only and you should add and display the same light combination as a power vessel while under power unless the length of your boat is 7 meters or less

master 06-18-2001 05:12 PM

proper navigation lights??
Rule 25 (C.)
Both international and inland allow an optional all around light of red over green NOT GREEN OVER RED. These lights must be 1 meter in seperation and displayed with the normal bow and stearn lights. This light is only allowed while under sail.

Rule 25 (a) allowes a tri collor lamp at the mast head Sectioned as red green and white as normally desplayed. This is for sailing vessels of less than 20m and can only be desplayed while sailing and the normal nave. lights out.

The configuration is NOT LEAGAL and I do not know how it can be authorized by any rule that I am aware of.

Hope this helps. Capt. bob 200t Ocean master.

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