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WillS 10-31-2001 08:10 AM

Seidelmann Yachts
My wife and I bought a 1985 Seidelmann sloop 34ft, hull #35, that we think is very solid and it looks and sails great. We bought it right and have spent a lot of $$ over the last year cleaning, repairing and updating her.
I have noticed that Seidelmanns are few and far between and haven''t held their value. Can anyone give me insight on the manufacturer, on seaworthyness, and the value issue.
I''d be especially interested in hearing from Jeff_H ( I read your info on US Yachts and was impressed with your depth of knowledge. Where you appear to be in the Maryland area and Seidelmann built in Berlin, NJ, hopefully you have some insight.

Jeff_H 10-31-2001 06:07 PM

Seidelmann Yachts
If I remember corectly Seidelmann was a New Jersey sail maker. In the 1970''s he produced an interesting little 25 footer. They were clearly designed as race boats and did acceptably well on the race course because they were intended as rule beaters. These early boats were reasonably well built but by any objective standard were tender and especially well rounded.

Seidelmann expanded their line fairly quickly and with this growth the design and build quality really seemed to go down hill. Seidelmanns quickly developed a very poor reputation. The later boats that I have been around were clearly very poorly put together.

That said, if you have had your boat surveyed and it was found to be in solid condition, and you are pleased with the way the boat looks and sails then that is what counts. I would avoid putting too much into the boat as their reputation would tend to limit resale prices even if the boat was in premium condition. I am sorry that I don''t have better news.


Jeff_H 10-31-2001 06:09 PM

Seidelmann Yachts

The Seidelmann 25 "by any objective standard were tender and NOT especially well rounded."


WillS 11-01-2001 02:24 AM

Seidelmann Yachts
Thanks Jeff
Sounds like we found one of the better ones.

BallastBoy 12-19-2001 02:47 PM

Seidelmann Yachts
Just found this topic today and have also sought out Seidelmann information. I recently purchased a 1978 Seidelmann 25 after almost 3 years of searching. The majority of reviewers aren''t as kind or objective as Jeff H. is, but I haven''t seen anything yet that would have prevented me from buying mine. It''s solid across the entire deck and sails very well once the wind picks up and she hardens some. Mine is definitely a project boat, and perhaps she''ll never be considered a ''jewel'', but as Jeff said, if you like the way she looks and sails (and I do), then that''s what matters.

I''ve looked for clubs or forums that pertain to Seidelmann''s, but have had limited success. Please consider emailing me with your thoughts and ideas regarding any modifcations or remodeling you''ve done to your Seidelmann. So far, I''ve had a couple responses to emails I''ve sent to current owners Thanks.


oldsaltydog 12-23-2001 05:15 PM

Seidelmann Yachts
Ballastboy, you might want to check your messages in the Message Center at the left.

jace 12-09-2002 05:36 PM

Seidelmann Yachts
I acquired a ''82 Seidelmann 25 w/o spars, retro fitted her as a fractional rig witha mast 2 '' shorter and the boom 2'' off coach roof instead of 4'' that gave same main sail size; have 130 genoa on roller = lost about 60 sq ft of high aspect as result that on light days may have been nice to have or in a race on such a day. She really more 1/4 ton design with deck beam at 9.5 and waterline beam at 7,lwl is increased and lends a bit; however having the wider deck beam helps as location for counter-balance. I like this boat for her elegant lines and handling, points high - sail her year round in NJ, race to include ocean appearance. Jace

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