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fishclan 11-23-2001 04:07 PM

Wind Speed
Will one of you that have the knolage,please give some thoughts on the best way to measure wind speed while the boat is underway?

joub 12-28-2001 02:14 PM

Wind Speed
Without the proper instrumentation, reading the water is your best clue.

Chapmans has information regarding the Beaufort wind scale and offers some guidance regarding how the water looks under various wind velocities.



maxcontax 01-30-2002 01:12 PM

Wind Speed
The Beaufort Winds scale works for me.

get your copy at

Most 100% sailplans are good to Force 4, a few work well depending on point of sail and hull design to Force 5.

If you can remember that scattered whitecaps are fun and solid whitecaps mean reduce your sailplan, that''s a good start.

May you never be in force 9.



HHJ 01-31-2002 09:08 AM

Wind Speed
From the Mariner''s Book of Days:
Less than 1 kt - smoke rises vertically
1-3 kts - smoke drifts
4-6 kts - wind felt on face
7-10 kts - light flag extends from pole
11-16 kts - wind raises dust, cinders, loose paper, etc.
17-21 kts - flag waves and snaps briskly
22-27 kts - wind whistles in rigging
28-33 kts - walking against wind is difficult
34-40 kts - wind impedes progress

BigRed56 02-01-2002 12:09 PM

Wind Speed
Ahoy Big reds scale is as follows;

1 to 5 knots - work on the boat
5 to 10 knots - work on the boat pay attention to wind direction
10 to 15 knots - put tools away throw off dock lines
15 to 20 knots set every piece of sail cloth I have
20 to 30 knots ease the sheets a little
30 to 40 knots drop main ,open rum, check radio is working
40 to 50 knots drop jib and lie to with rum
50 to 70 knots put on clean underware
70 to 100 knots think seriously about next vessel

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