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thebigs1 11-29-2001 04:32 PM

34'''' C&C
I purchased a 1980 34'' C&C last month but I haven''t been able to find much information about the boats capabilities; ie coastal cruiser, offshore capable. Can any one give me some information about these boats? I had it surveyed and I was told it is in great shape with exceptional gear.


Jeff_H 11-29-2001 06:14 PM

34'''' C&C
Well I am confused. 1980 was a crossing over point in the C&C line. My recollection is that they were still building a 33 and a 35. I don''t recall a 34 being produced until some time in the late 1980''s or early 1990''s. C&C''s of the early 1980''s were good coastal cruisers. At that point in their history they made reasonable club level racers. PHRF shows two 34''s (one the boat that I recall)and the other probably the boat in question. Its rating is a pretty slow ny modern standards of 147. The model is referred to as a 34M. It''s length is 33.50 feet overall with a waterline of 25.80 and a beam of 11.00. Its draft is 6.30 and she weighs 10090 lbs with 4360 lbs ballast. There is a shoal draft version which is slower and heavier.

C&C''s were reasonbably well built, certainly not Hinckley, but also not at the bottom of the barrel. At that time they were offered with a lot of gear optional and so you see them in a wide range of configurations from great racing hardware and nice cruising amenities to junky under duty deck gear and almost no ventilation or ports.

These were not intended as offshore boats and in the early 1980''s C&C''s were heavily influenced by the IOR racing rule, (which is not a good thing). Still and all C&C''s generally make good all around family cruisers and are better sailors than many boats of that era.


thomsonjd 11-30-2001 02:04 AM

34'''' C&C
Take a look at
Under "Comments" there is one entry written about a 1981 C&C34+ Also under "Brochures" you will find a large number of brochures for 34 ft C&C''s. Suggest you look at each ( a bit time consuming) to find which one(s) relate to your boat.

MikeMoss 12-30-2001 05:20 PM

34'''' C&C
The C&C sites are and

I have owned C&C''s for 25 years. They are among the best boats of their day.

You should find the orginal brochures on those sites and anything else you need.

harvh 08-29-2002 01:49 PM

34'''' C&C
Try this web site.
They have a pretty good history of C&C boats along with specs.

I love my C&C and would take her just about anyware. It''s really a fast coastal boat but could probably do blue water with some careful attention to wheather and safety at sea.

rmerry 10-29-2002 10:30 AM

34'''' C&C
I own a 1978 C&C 34'' here in the Seattle area and use it for cruising and club racing. The 34 is a relatively tender boat and in order for it to go fast one must keep it on it''s feet but is a good cruiser and if racing against boats of similar displacement can do very well. I think the main issue as far as offshore vs coastal cruising is the capacity of water and fuel. we have taken the boat around Vancouver island which on the outside is offshore. Another factor of offshore vs coastal is it''s limit of positive stability of 116 (capsize ratio)I think they like most offshore boats to have higher limits. Subscribe to the C&C list on Sailnet. They have a wealth of info and advice. The website is also a good resource.
Good luck and if you have specicifc questions contact me off the list.

Jeff_H 10-29-2002 05:09 PM

34'''' C&C
I am assuming that that limit of positive stability is from an IMS certificate. These are actually pretty low for most boats because they ignore the volume of the deck house. On the other hand if this is the real ratio that is pretty low.


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