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chuckg5 04-30-2007 10:24 PM

coast guard requirements for a 42'er
We're getting near ready to put our 42'er ketch into the water for the first time. What are the coast guard requirements for a sailboat this size? We know its a few more iteams than the under 36'ers.

sailingfool 04-30-2007 10:40 PM

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Here you go:
Equipment Requirements

I'm not aware of any equipment requirements that vary by the size of a covered recreational auxiliary vessel.

sailingdog 04-30-2007 10:54 PM

Actually, several requirements change based on the boat size. They are fire extinguishers, Visual Distress Signals, throwable PFDs, sound signals, oil and garbage disposal placards, and navigation rules.

A boat 42' long needs to have the following equipment aboard:


A USCG-Approved PFD for each person

A throwable USCG-Approved Type-IV PFD

One orange distress flag and One electric distress light - or -Three hand-held or floating orange smoke signals and One electric distress light - or - Three combination (day/night) red flares: hand-held, meteor or parachute type.

One B-II and One B-I or Three B-I. Note: fixed system equals One B-I or Two B-II

A vessel 39.4 ft (12 meters) or greater, must have a sound signaling appliance capable of producing an efficient sound signaI, audible for 1/2 mile with a 4 to 6 seconds duration. In addition, must carry on board a bell with a clapper (bell size not less than 7.9 inches - based on the diameter of the mouth)

Navigation lights

An Oil Pollution Placard at least 5 by 8 inches in size, made of durable material, that must be posted in the machinery space or at the bilge station.

A Garbage Placard at least 4 by 9 inches, made of durable material, displayed in a conspicuous place notifying all on board the discharge restrictions.

A type I, II or III MSD if a permanent marine head is installed.

The operator of a vessel 39.4 ft (12 meters) or greater must have on board a copy of these rules.
I hope this helps.

You can read the full details here.

chuckg5 04-30-2007 11:29 PM

requirements of coast guard
Thanks, Sailingfool!
Just read thru most everything on that web site
I wonder how many sailors have a "black ball" to hoist during the day at anchor. Also, while sailing under power(with engine assist) one needs a black cone hoisted an pointing down up the head stay somewhere along with the genora.

chuckg5 04-30-2007 11:31 PM

Yes, I printed an highlited those changes to make sure I've got those Before the C.G. boards and Fines.

sailingdog 04-30-2007 11:40 PM

Black ball day shape and anchor lights are technically not required if your boat is anchored in a marked anchorage area... but still it is a good idea, IMHO, to do both in that case. Removes some of the liability risk you might otherwise have in the case of an accident.

hellosailor 05-01-2007 12:17 AM

Chuck, the day shapes are virtually unheard of on recreational boats. Check with the local USCG Auxiliary, they will come out and do a free local inspection for you. No penalty if they find anything wrong, and a "Go away, I already did it" sticker to put on the hull if you pass.

chuckg5 05-01-2007 08:44 AM

many thanks for the replies!

gc1111 05-01-2007 10:04 AM

Dayshapes are basically not used in the US. But if you go foreign you will find them in widespread usage.

Boasun 06-20-2007 11:27 PM


Originally Posted by gc1111
Dayshapes are basically not used in the US. But if you go foreign you will find them in widespread usage.

Who says that? :confused: Every vessel I've worked on carried and used the day shapes. :o

You better go back and read Inland Rules of the Road. :(
I know there is ignorance sailing out there. But PLEASE don't add to it.:eek:

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