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Wookielove 07-01-2002 11:50 AM

How to tie up to a mooring
I encountered a mooring where the pennant has a loop spliced into it which prevented me from using a bowline knot to tie off. What is the best knot/method for tying off to a mooring pennant that has such a loop. Thanks

scnicklefritz 07-01-2002 12:43 PM

How to tie up to a mooring
I think the best way to tie off to a mooring line is to run a dock line through it and cleat off each end at the bow. Or you could tie off one end of the dock line, run the other end through the mooring line loop and then cleat that end off on the bow. Releasing from the mooring is as simple as uncleating the dockline and pulling it in from the other end.

hamiam 07-02-2002 04:51 AM

How to tie up to a mooring
Scnicklefritz is correct. I would place chafe gear in the appropriate places.

Starlite 07-17-2002 01:06 PM

How to tie up to a mooring
Chaffing becomes a big issue, especially if you''re running a line through the spliced loop. It''s a nice idea that the pull from the rode would balance, but it will eventually saw through the line.

If the pendant with the splice doesn''t work for you, replace it with one (or two) that does.

One other suggestion -- I see many boaters attach their pendant to the top loop of the mooring bouy. There usually is a swivel mechanism inside the bouy, which IS the weakest link in the whole affair. Attach your shackle to the chain on the UNDERSIDE of the bouy -- nice and strong...

Hopkins_Patrick 07-17-2002 04:55 PM

How to tie up to a mooring
I have always placed the spliced loop around one of the bow cleats and lashed the spliced loop to the cleat. Any reason why this might not be a good idea?

DuaneIsing 07-18-2002 02:16 AM

How to tie up to a mooring

I have always read the same advice you give about attaching to the underside ring of any mooring buoy, but I doubt most sailors ever do it.

I''m thinking back to my recent charter in the BVIs where the buoys were quite large and heavy. Realistically, how would I attach any pendant to the underside? Do you have a method that works well?


Starlite 07-18-2002 07:51 AM

How to tie up to a mooring
Those large bouys can be problematic. Typically, you''ll find them in transient municipal mooring areas. Anytime you pick up a mooring, it takes a little faith that the equipment is sound, and that you''re not going to drift free.

I was thinking more of the seasonal bouy one finds in your typical marina, of the round, ball style. Many of these have a mechanism inside that allows the top ring to rotate. Over time, this can fail -- sawing itself in half. Even if it''s a solid connection (one that doesn''t rotate), the strongest connection is made directly to the chain (or the shackle holding the chain to the bouy). Picking this type of bouy up isn''t too difficult (most of the effort is lifting the chain).

On my mooring, I''ve attached a small fender to the pendant. This makes it easier for me to grab the pendant with my boat hook, and I only have to lift the bouy twice a season -- to attach the pendant, and to remove it at the end of the season.

DuaneIsing 07-18-2002 09:54 AM

How to tie up to a mooring
Thanks, Starlite.

I guess being only a charterer and not yet an owner, I forgot that people have dedicated moorings they use all year/season. In that case, it makes sense to set up the way you described.

Fair winds.


MikeMoss 08-12-2002 03:42 PM

How to tie up to a mooring
I am not sure what you describe? Since it''s a line it could have a rope loop or a thimble. As mentioned chafe must be condsidered. This is by far the main cause of boats breaking off their moorings. I have seen four of them so far and helped rescue three of them.

If the thimble is steel then you should use a steel shakle to attach to it. If it''s smooth plastic then just rope on a temporary basis would work overnight.

I saw a "expert" who was a boat broker send a line thru a steel mooring eye in Stage Harbor, Chatam, MA. The boat was a huge 56'' Winnebago type and we got hit with a 50 knot storm. The line sawed thru, he started the engine and tangled one of the screws in the mooring chain of a OI 41 and layed backwards to the wind alongside of it. I called the CG and they came out but by that time the wind was down.

Chafe very bad.

windship 08-25-2002 08:27 AM

How to tie up to a mooring
It''s a pain in the neck but when I tie up to a mooring I have a dedicated line with a spliced-in SS thimble that I use just for moorings. I attach it to the mooring with a shackle and seize the shackle with a zip tie.No chafe, no dammaged lines and no boat adrift in the middle of the night.Guaranteed.
I''d much rather anchor!


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