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dazeoff 01-07-2001 11:15 AM

Tips to survive a hurricane
Having chosen a hurricane hole in the Bahamas, little did I realize that it was to be tested by ''Floyd'' a cat.4 Out of 17 in the hole only 9 survived - why??
E-mail me if you are considering sailing in the Abaco''s. Mike

RobHoman 01-14-2001 03:30 PM

Tips to survive a hurricane
I would venture to bet that they all failed to put out enough ground tackle and otherwise properly prepare for the storm. Did anyone drag and take others with them? There is a good chance that they did not make allowance for the storm surge that accompanied the storm. Hurricane holes are shelters, but are not the guarantee that some might think.

I have plans to sail all over the Bahamas, but it will not happen for a while...have to get my boat better equipped and save up some money so I can spend the entire winter down there. I''m not terribly inclined to spend the summer, humid, and not a good place to get caught by a major storm.

robinhood 02-05-2001 05:15 AM

Tips to survive a hurricane
Sorry, but is this a rhetorical question? My met. course goes into great detail about tracking a cyclone and choosing a hole that will give you offshore winds as it passes. Otherwise you get caught on a lee shore with surge into the hole that may be worse than being at sea. Tracking from first cyclone warning is paramount to allow you time to choose a hole or sea.

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