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jimhuggins 01-28-2001 09:10 AM

In Gear
I recently bought my first sail boat with a diesel inboard auxillary engine. The boat is a Pearson 36 with a 30 H.P. Yanmar. After hoisting the sails is the transmission supposed to be left in neutral or in forward gear while sailing? I have reviewed the boats manual and the engine manual and neither one mentions the issue. I have also heard opposing view points from a few other sailors. Is there a right way and if so why.

bappelbe 01-29-2001 01:02 AM

In Gear
I put it in gear, but this is because I have
a folding prop that tends to "unfold"
otherwise, I am sure it doesn''t matter that

hamiam 01-29-2001 04:03 AM

In Gear
I am the previous owner of a C&C 30 with a 2GM20 Yanmar engine. I actually does matter; some transmissions are not meant to free wheel. This was the case with my Yanmar. Actually, I believe that they suggested that you put the engine in reverse to lock the shaft. If you don''t have you manual, call a Yanmar dealer. A locked shaft is good both for your engine and for your performance under sail.

Fran49829 01-29-2001 06:30 AM

In Gear
Yes, put it in gear. Reverse is probably best but never let it freewheel.

navtron 01-29-2001 01:53 PM

In Gear
Spoke with Yanmar Dealer at 2 Boat Shows.
They both say it is alright to freewheel because the shaft inside spins up the oil.

hamiam 01-30-2001 03:32 AM

In Gear
A freewheeling prop creates more drag that a locked shaft; leave it in gear while you are sailing!

navtron 01-30-2001 07:22 AM

In Gear
Ive been racing for sometime and have tested with the free wheeling prop and locked. I have found freewheeling gives me more speed....Think about it....a fan in a room and a breeze blowing in the window. If fan free wheels the breeze blows in unobstructed as it turns the fan...with it locked it will prevent breeze from coming in, stops flow.

hamiam 01-30-2001 07:41 AM

In Gear
Depends on the prop. A folding prop will offer less resistance when the shaft is locked. No question about that.

navtron 01-30-2001 07:53 AM

In Gear
A folding prop definitely has less resistance

hamiam 01-30-2001 07:59 AM

In Gear
As for the fan analogy; aeordynamics and hydrodynamics, while similar, are two very different mediums. I will try to find the article, however, a free wheeling prop does not necessarily offer less resistance than a locked shaft.

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