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DDogga 04-17-2003 06:22 PM

Coiling line
I like to coil line. I usually just do the basic clockwise coil and occasionally in a figure 8. Does anyone know fancier ways to coil it?

Jeff_H 04-18-2003 02:47 AM

Coiling line
I typically do a figure 8 coil using a winch to hold one side of the ''8'' while I am coiling the line. That allows the line to run free without getting twists or hackles which is important when you are racing or single-handing on larger boats.

DuaneIsing 04-18-2003 03:20 AM

Coiling line
Since the subject of line coiling was brought up:

I realize that 3-strand should generally be coiled in an open loop with no figure-eight coils, but I have also read books by many noted sailors that most double-braided line should use the figure-eight method. When I take new double-braid line, the figure-eight works fine, but most of the boats I have sailed have older line which seems to coil in a single loop better than the figure-eight. I''m wondering if so many people coiled the older line in a single loop that its fibers were "trained" for that shape.

Also, I have only found a small number of instructors and experienced sailors who "allow" a figure-eight coil on their boats. You get labeled an idiot if you do. I''m thinking these guys are all just enforcing outdated "rules."

Just curious if anyone else has a comment on this.


clide 04-19-2003 12:06 PM

Coiling line
Braided line is supposed to have no direction.The idea of having a balanced construction like samson paralay where you have all the individual strands lining up with the length of the rope is also to keep the line from twisting whether it be loaded or not.The "s'' and "z'' yarns should have exactly the same twist level.When the line is new, like a few days after it is made on a braiding machine it is very important it not be coiled in a circle,at that time it has a chance to get the wrong memory when it is taking a "set. As a person who has spent years making rope and running rigging, I suggest you coil all braided line in a figure 8. Try it for yourself on your mainsheet, every figure 8 turn cancels itself out. If you coil in a circle or around your elbow and hand, you`ll have to get all the turns out before the line will run free.

robw_fl 04-30-2003 04:03 AM

Coiling line
I was in a race in Tampa Bay and the captain of the boat showed me a way to coil line (mainly halyards, so they can run free when dropping sail) where you basically take half a loop and lay it over one side of your face-up palm, and take half a loop and lay it over the end up with more or less, several very long loops (3 or 4 feet,) held in the middle by your hand.

Not sure if this is even considered a coil, but it''s extremely fast (good for when working at the mast, and/or in a race) and I''ve yet to have a snarl when dropping sail. Used to get them occasionally when using some of the other methods.

Fo some reason, I want to say that John Kretschmer mentioned this technique on here some time ago too.

Anyway, just thought I''d throw that in the mix. Not sure if there is a ''name'' for it other than just flaking, or if my description was even sufficient to make clear what I was talking about. It''s not ''fancy'' but it''s certainly functional.



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