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maxcontax 05-12-2003 09:29 AM

Headsail reefpoints
Instead of reducing a headsail by furling, it seems more efficient to put in a reefpoint. But no one does it. Why? I am toying with a set that would reduce my 110 headsail to an 85% working jib.

Jeff_H 05-12-2003 10:38 AM

Headsail reefpoints
That used to be very common. Boats would have what today we call a jib cunningham, and an extra clew cringle. The only issue with reefing a jib this way is the danger involved in tying in the Jib sheets. The reef cringle is often at five or more feet above the deck and on the leeward side of the boat. The safest way to tie in a reef in a Jib is to drop the sail, tie it in and then raise the sail again so it is harder to do single-handed or on the fly.


maxcontax 05-12-2003 05:21 PM

Headsail reefpoints
Jeff, thanks. Your thoughts on their efficiency vs. roller reefed? It seems to me they would go to wind better, which is my objective: fewer sail bags belowdecks but a headsail that I can use beating in strong winds.

ricekrgr 05-13-2003 04:21 AM

Headsail reefpoints
I have a reef point in my jib and I don''t see any change in pointing ability. In fact when the wind is up to the point that I would reef the jib (two reefs in the main), I feel the boat sails better in all respects. The down side for me is unless I anticipate the need to reef the jib early, the conditions on the fore deck are quite nasty.

Jeff_H 05-13-2003 05:04 AM

Headsail reefpoints
In my experienced with slab reefed Jibs vs roller reefed jibs, the slab reefed jib offers a much better sail shaped when reefed. With a slab reefed jib you are able to adjust luff tension to that you can end up with a very bladed out sail that is optomized for the conditions. With a roller reefed jib, even with foam luffs, the leech and clew creep inward, resulting in a powered up sail which is just the opposite of what you want in high winds.


paulk 05-13-2003 05:51 PM

Headsail reefpoints
Have to agree with Bob and Jeff; reefed jib is better for shape and results, but can be nasty to rig unless you get to it early. One benefit over roller-reefing is that slab-reefing helps lower the sail''s center of effort more, which is what you want as the breeze picks up in order to reduce rolling.

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