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davidpm 07-07-2011 11:56 PM

Can you call the cg for a MOB on a dog
I'm not expecting them to scramble helo's or even a RIB but maybe it wouldn't be too much of an abuse of the system to broadcast it so nearby boaters could retrieve Fluffy if they can.

I wonder if they have a policy or if it is on a sector by sector basis.
Wouldn't want to get a fine but wouldn't want to not do everything legally allowable due to embarrassment.

Any one know or do I have to call them?

SVPrairieRose 07-08-2011 12:48 AM

You don't need to task CG to alert boats nearby.

"Hello all stations Hello all Stations
This is sailing vessel BOW WOW, SV BOW WOW SV BOW WOW
any vessels in the are able to help us retreive our dog ect ect ect"

Not a coast guard call, but everyone around will hear.

tempest 07-08-2011 12:51 AM


I don't think I'd set off an epirb, or push the DCS button...but I would call them on 16 and inform them of the situation. At the very least they'd probably issue a securite...
You can issue your own securite..
Alerting all boaters. Depending upon what assets they have in the area, I wouldn't be surprised if you got someone to do a search. I would also suspect that your fellow boaters would provide assistance upon hearing a call. I know many that like dogs more than they like people!

I don't know the official CG position on animals over-board. I do know they rescued a great many in Katrina..and we've all seen animal rescues during floods..etc.

svHyLyte 07-08-2011 10:39 AM

I would certainly contact the CG to notify them of a DOB ("Dog Overboard") and ask them to put out an All Stations alert as might you but don't expect them to launch an aircraft or a RIB...

Keep the dog tethered in a harness and it won't become an issue.

smackdaddy 07-08-2011 10:44 AM

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Why wouldn't you just stop the boat, go back, and pick the thang up?

Tim R. 07-08-2011 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by smackdaddy (Post 747998)
Why wouldn't you just stop the boat, go back, and pick the thang up?

Obviously a dog lover;)

Seems like it would be easy but I can tell you that the dog would attempt to swim back to the boat if it can see it. That in itself may make it difficult to come around and pick him up. Dogs ability to swim is instinctual for most breeds but they do not understand how to float. They will continue to keep moving so getting them to stay put is tough unless you train him to swim in circles on command.

Our dog wears a life jacket while sailing(I think congress is trying to make this a requirement for all dogs!:p)

sailortjk1 07-08-2011 11:35 AM

We routinely day sail with 2 dogs on board. (They stay at home for extended cruising). Both wear their little doggie PFD’s. One Dog never leaves the cockpit, but the other one wanders all over the place. I am always concerted that she is going to fall overboard and my BIGGEST concern is that it will be in the middle of a congested channel with no room to maneuver. I have thought about what I would do in case of a puppy overboard and have decided if I can’t get to her I would simply make a general broadcast to any vessels in the area; assistance would be appreciated or simply get out of my way because I am in rescue my dog mode. Open water? Do your best like smack said to get her on board asap.

kd3pc 07-08-2011 12:19 PM

why would you all not get a harness and stake the dog out to the appropriate life line. Or get the harness that has the handle for the little princess in your that you can boat hook them when close.

As Tim, says they will swim back, given a chance. The problem, just like with human crew is getting them aboard, and again like human crew they will be paniced and fight you (they have claws) most of the way.

The other thing, is the doggie "pfd"s do more harm than they will tend to negate the effect of the dog's coat to stay dry and warm and be well as weigh them down, most dogs do not swim with a lot of freeboard, if any at all. Most water breeds (check their little feet for webbing between their toes) can out swim you or I, so just be patient and prepare to haul them in.

All of you dog experts should consult with your vet and explain what you are currently doing...and I would bet that he will suggest a better strategy, or to leave them ashore...

And no, I am not a dog hater person, have owned them in the past and loved them to death, they are actually far better than most human crew...

To answer the OP, call the USCG sector in your area, and ask...But if you don't want to know the answer....tis better not to ask, I know what the answer is for Baltimore and Hampton Roads (MOB = MAN overboard). Just prepare you and your dog. That being said, I would not expect people who can not be responsible for their kids (wear a pfd, behave, etc), to help with your dog...


davidpm 07-08-2011 02:28 PM

I called Sector Long Island Sound search and rescue.
The coastie on call said he has been with the CC for 11 years and never had the question before.
Apparently dogs are better at staying on boats than people.
He said that he had never been asked but at the very least he would expect that they would issue a one time securete.
Apparently smackdaddy is right most folks just pick the critter up themselves.
But as expected they would not deploy resources but if a boat happened to be in the vicinity they might look a little if they had nothing else to do.

Bene505 07-08-2011 03:07 PM

Good thread David.


Originally Posted by treilley (Post 748015)
...Our dog wears a life jacket while sailing(I think congress is trying to make this a requirement for all dogs!:p)

Now there's some real danger. We all need a life jacket when congress is in session! :)


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