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hriehl1 06-22-2012 07:38 AM

Bluechart G2 chip in handheld Garmin 76CSx?
In a nearby thread I asked for recommendations for "minimalist coastal navigation". In that post I declared I would use a handheld Garmin 76CSx as an emergency backup to "traditional" (chart-based) navigation techniques, but not install the Bluechart G2 chip with detailed charts.

Now West Marine has that Bluechart G2 chip on sale for $99 and has me thinking.

Can those of you first-hand experienced with the Bluechart G2 chip in a Garmin 76 series handheld provide feedback on your impressions on the chip's usability and usefulness? Would you buy it again? Why or why not?

Thanks.. Hank

night0wl 06-22-2012 11:41 AM

Re: Bluechart G2 chip in handheld Garmin 76CSx?
The going thoughts are they're the most accurate for the Bahamas (not saying much) because they license Explorer charts. The USA G2 chip includes the Bahamas.

Screen is very small for ongoing usage and the resolution isnt that great. But cant beat the price...West Marine often has the 76Cx (not no barometer, altimeter) for $149 + $99 for the G2 chart chip.

$250 or less for a full featured GPS with charts is a great deal for backup. Wait for 10% off coupons, then use a referrer link like fatcash for 4-5% more, and then have gold rewards (free with towboat towing insurance) for another 4% and it gets even sweeter.

BubbleheadMd 06-22-2012 12:27 PM

Re: Bluechart G2 chip in handheld Garmin 76CSx?
Hmmmmmmmm (strokes chin, evilly) I happen to have $30 worth of WM loyalty coupons...

hriehl1 06-22-2012 03:14 PM

Re: Bluechart G2 chip in handheld Garmin 76CSx?
I have two $10 West Marine Rewards coupons and a "$15 off from $100" (for completing a survey a couple weeks ago). Rewards coupons are OK for sale items, but not for discontinued or "select" (but not specified) Garmin products. And the "$15 off of $100" has the same Garmin "selected products" limit but is further restricted from sale items. So I'm not hopeful any of these will be honored.

West Marine's exclusions approach the point of frustration. But... I have used the price-matching trick to get around it... store clerks have accepted coupons when I've been able to show a credible source (usually Defender or Hamilton) for the same item at a lower price than West's regular or sale prices. Funny, they won't honor the coupon for a sale price but will honor it for an even lower price-match price... go figure.

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