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HighFly_27 10-26-2012 07:06 AM

I'd Like to Obtain -- Navy Blue Jacket Manual
Looking for a Little Help to Find a Navy Blue Jacket Manual

Years ago (50/ 60's) I read my Dad's -- Navy Blue Jacket Manual. My Father (Jack) was in the Submarine Service in WW2. My Dad, passed away on 12 Dec., 2009, I think of him everyday. I'm 64 now and have found out that these WW2 men .. were Real Men. We owe this generation the - Lion's Share of Credit. They were/ still are a Special Breed (in my book). They were the No# 1 Builder's & Defender's of our Country. I take nothing away from our current day soldiers. However, I see the WW2 & Korea soldiers in another light (real tough warriors).

So, I'd love to obtain another -- Navy Blue Jacket's Manual (NBJM). I learned to swim with it (standing in 4 ft. of water). I learned most of the swimming examples, my favorite -- Austrailan crawl.

I want the NBJM for it's (general) Seamanship content but mostly.. for the rememberence of my Father. We had a fire in a storage shed in 2003; all his stuff from WW2 & mine from Vietnam & Army career was lost.

So, if you can help me obtain the purchase of the NBJM... drop me a line.

Email -- (in Bonifay, FL 32425)

Yes, I will search here (classified) and other places and will see what comes up, but these manuals are not that common, they pop up.. just, once n' awhile.

*** Also, I need to bone up on Sailing and plan on going out in April of 2013. I'm a reader and looking for 2 or 3.. Great to have Books on Sailing. I'd like these books to cover things from A to Z. I plan on starting off in the Panama City, FL (local FL area) and then range out to the Bahama's. I have not sailed on blue water since 1983. I need to do my home wook & regain my confidence. I will plan a trip down to -- Grenada & return (2014) but One Step at a time. So, include .. Recommended Reading for the Carb. as well.

*** Yep, I can go to a book store but would rather have someone (here) recommend the best books they've read and see it echo'd by a 2nd person.

Thanks in Advance,

Avery (HighFly27)

seafrontiersman 10-26-2012 07:33 AM

Re: I'd Like to Obtain -- Navy Blue Jacket Manual
In Jacksonville Florida there is a used book store called "Chamblins Book Mine" which has tons of BJMs from many eras, they will have what you want!

Not sure exactly where Bonifay is but if you pass thru JAX on your way from PA, it's right off 95/10 junction.

All the best!

svHyLyte 10-26-2012 09:03 AM

Re: I'd Like to Obtain -- Navy Blue Jacket Manual
See (click on):

chucklesR 10-26-2012 09:09 AM

Re: I'd Like to Obtain -- Navy Blue Jacket Manual
I've got both my Mom's and my Dad's, 1953 boot camp issued.
Not for sale - not teasing you, just letting you know they are indeed out there somewhere

HighFly_27 10-26-2012 09:35 AM

Re: I'd Like to Obtain -- Navy Blue Jacket Manual
Thanks All,

I can get there now. I just found a few on Ebay and have a couple bids on different years. I'm bidding on a 1943 year (same as my Dad's) and a later one in 1966 (my high school grad. date).

Thanks for response.


lillia28 10-26-2012 11:00 AM

Re: I'd Like to Obtain -- Navy Blue Jacket Manual
They are actually fairly easy to find.
You can get the current edition From Naval Institute Press. For older ones, check AMAZON or Alibris or Barnes and Noble used books. I have my Uncle's from WWII. He enlisted in '42 I think and its the 1940 edition. They are good reference books. Check around though, sometimes say Amazon will only have expensive ones listed, and the other sites will have them pretty cheap. I also picked up the Admiralty Manual of Seamanship, but there is a lot of redundancy.
Naval Institute Press publishes all the USN manuals, so there are others that may interest you, officer of the deck etc. Always check the used book sites. I picked up Farwell's Rules of the Road, a used library edition that looks like it was never opened for about $15.00 when a new one is about $50.00! Good Hunting.

HighFly_27 10-27-2012 02:22 AM

Re: I'd Like to Obtain -- Navy Blue Jacket Manual
I lucked out and got -- 1950 dated Blue Jacket's Manual, will arrive in mail on 30th. I bid on a 2nd one (1943), that's like the one my Dad had; will try to win this one, want to replace this (1943) one the most.

I asked about -- Recommended Sailing ( A to Z Info. ) Books, If You Know of Some Great Ones.. Let me Know.


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