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pma_foyl 04-07-2004 08:27 AM

San Fran to Los Angeles NON-STOP
I''m planning a non-stop delivery between San Francisco Bay and Long Beach aboard a Pearson 424. I appreicate input from people who''ve actually made this trip. I''ve heard the horror stories about exiting the Golden Gate and rounding Point Conception. i''ve also heard people say, "oh it''s easy; you''re going downhill."

I''d love to hear from people who''ve actually made this trip. Any special insights would be greatly appreciated. How big a boat were you on? How far offshore? Did you have shipping lane or commercial fishing vessel concerns? How long did your trip take? Average speed of your boat? Mostly sail or power? Thanks.

BobIdyll3 06-22-2004 08:17 PM

San Fran to Los Angeles NON-STOP
Am I too late? Have you already done the trip? I''ve done it both ways a few dozen times, in a variety of boats, and would be glad to put my two cents worth in...

WHOOSH 07-01-2004 03:57 AM

San Fran to Los Angeles NON-STOP
Paul arrived in San Pedro in fine style but not without a tale or two to tell.


capttb 07-02-2004 09:11 AM

San Fran to Los Angeles NON-STOP
Since most of the area he traversed has either been foggy or under small craft warnings for the last few weeks I would not be surprised if he had a voyage that was nothing like the idylic summer voyage in California many people imagine.

pma_foyl 08-12-2004 02:55 PM

San Fran to Los Angeles NON-STOP
As Jack (WHOOSH) stated, we did arrive safe and (essentially) sound in early mid-May. He is also correct that we do have some great adventure stories to tell for many years to come.

The trip was a blast. Parts were wonderful and other parts were aggravating and other parts were frightening ... NONE of it was a "SoCal Bikini Cruise." I didn''t get out of my foulies for 4 solid days, didn''t sleep for the last 36 hours, encountered 3 engine failures, reefing difficulties (2nd reef not cut properly) and an unscheduled stop-over in Monterey (sailed back UP the coast for 30 miles) to fix a raw water pump. We also battled 50 knot winds, 15 foot following seas and a oil pressure issue while rounding Point Conception (10 hours of gale force weather bearing down on us; worse weather reportedly behind us ... that kept us moving).

On the positive side, we saw great wild life (dolphin, grey whales, humpbacks, Dahl''s porpoise, Rizzo''s dolphin, etc.); we had a beautiful passage between Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands at mid-night with dolphin running along side creating bio-phosphur-blurs. This was also the first "calm" water we''d seen in a day or two (by calm I mean swells smaller than 6 feet).

Bottom line, we survived. As I told Jack when we first got home, I figured it''d all seem like a great adventure in 6 months; bit right then I was still pretty scared. Now 3 months later, it is in fact a great memory.

Just for the record, we NEVER got the "downhill ride" that everyone claimed. We battled headwinds coming out of SF Bay and NEVER saw a tail wind UNTIL we were in the gale.

But it was entertaining. I really do need to write a more detailed and comprehensive account. I''ll keep you all posted.

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