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Forum: Cruising & Liveaboard Forum   4 Weeks Ago
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Posted By outbound
Re: Drinkingwater while cruising?

Yofu has got it right. He alludes to water 101. For instance I'm preparing boat for passage home. 4 people total. 1500m. All goes well 8-14d.
20g in individual gallon jugs. Survival supply if it...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   03-07-2015
Replies: 85
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Posted By outbound
Re: High anxiety-passage v. Coastal

My point about the weather is best expressed by thinking about these situations.
You are on passage. You see a line of squalls miles off. You have a good chance of dancing through them or at least...
Forum: Cruising & Liveaboard Forum   03-03-2015
Replies: 24
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Posted By outbound
Re: What Questions Would You Want Answered?

Gonna be a bit of a killjoy. I'm new at this. Started lasted November. But think things that will surprise you are very personal. Think they vary greatly person to person.
Examples for me:
Forum: Crew Wanted/Available   01-15-2015
Replies: 115
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Posted By outbound
Re: Hard time finding crew opportunities

To answer your question. RYA yachtmaster. It implies both the book knowledge and experience. Then only concern is personality. I've had bad experiences with "captains" and those having passed...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   12-19-2014
Replies: 24
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Posted By outbound
Re: The best licenses to work on a yacht and quick start your career

As a consumer of these services I think its- whatever the insurance company wants to see. So far they have wanted to see
years of service
number of times person has made that specific passage and...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   12-18-2014
Replies: 136
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Posted By outbound
Re: Single-handed tips and tricks

Stock they come 3'and6'.
Behind the wheel clip to split back stay over my head above hydraulic back stay with 6'. Can only fall 3'. Can't fall off the boat but still can get to both primaries.
Forum: Chartering   12-02-2014
Replies: 100
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Posted By outbound
Re: Can We Bareboat Charter in BVI's?

Chris you have the right attitude and spirit.
Come on down
Forum: Chartering   11-29-2014
Replies: 100
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Posted By outbound
Re: Can We Bareboat Charter in BVI's?

Please don't. Place is very crowded. Folks run gensets and play loud music to the wee hours of the morning. Folks don't respect rules of the road or just don't know them. They run their catamarans...
Forum: Cruising & Liveaboard Forum   10-01-2014
Replies: 25
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Posted By outbound
Re: Cabin comfort when motoring

Also have her look out port lights while underway. Current boats sometimes have lights in hull. Only vision is water rushing by. Like looking out side windows in a fast car pukeogenic for some. Some...
Forum: Cruising & Liveaboard Forum   08-26-2014
Replies: 134
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Posted By outbound
Re: So where the heck do you shower???

Have 200g of water and three showers (two heads one with separate stall and shower on sugar scoop).
When coastal and access to water use aft head with separate shower. Don't like using marina...
Forum: Boat Review and Purchase Forum   08-18-2014
Replies: 19
Views: 1,400
Posted By outbound
Re: RI Broker?

Josh hodgson anchor yachts
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   08-13-2014
Replies: 79
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Posted By outbound
Re: I Equate it to Driving in a Bad Snow Storm!

Always enjoy reading Auspiciuos's posts. Always learn something. Agree with him it's a matter of style. I think style also predicts the way sailors deal with the main. When you only have two aboard...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   08-12-2014
Replies: 79
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Posted By outbound
Re: I Equate it to Driving in a Bad Snow Storm!

Christian there's a flip side to your post. I have single line for first two reefs and two line for the third. All lines spectra. Blocks integral part of sail as sail built for this set up. Deck runs...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   08-10-2014
Replies: 76
Views: 8,384
Posted By outbound
Re: Pros and cons for a double ender/Canoe Stern

Have had two of seven boats meeting issue under discussion. A PSC - a canoe stern and Tayana - a double ender. Both were excellent sea boats by two different designers. Think it more important that...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   08-05-2014
Replies: 72
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Posted By outbound
Re: Concussions

Provocative post Medsailor and appreciated. Never heard of this D30 stuff. Very intriguing.
To simplify. There is a major difference between what you experience as full recovery and what's going on...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   06-15-2014
Replies: 27
Views: 2,877
Posted By outbound
Re: Joshua Slocum

Live close to Fairhaven, MA.. Drive by the field where Spray sat until her rehab. Drive on roads and by places named for him. Have read the book several times and still close my eyes and transported...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   04-16-2014
Replies: 41
Views: 3,033
Posted By outbound
Re: Sailing Hallucinations on long sails

One of things lost passage making even with crew is your circadian rhythm. Our hormone releases are time linked to sleep. For instance testosterone is primarily released during sleep and growth...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   04-06-2014
Replies: 41
Views: 3,033
Posted By outbound
Re: Sailing Hallucinations on long sails

Sleep is an obligate function. Beyond effects on cognition and mood it impacts all your hormonal releases and immune functions. Some say, I believe with good reason, solo sailors are degrading their...
Forum: Cruising & Liveaboard Forum   03-24-2014
Replies: 22
Views: 1,632
Posted By outbound
Re: 18 months until we walk the plank

Congrads- A lot to think about and arrange. I'm "walking the plank in 90d. Took all of 2yrs. to get everything arranged and still at it. Don't know your business or background but for me/wife it was...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   03-23-2014
Replies: 20
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Posted By outbound
Re: Preventing spade rudder line fouling?

Interesting how much drag even a thin line will produce . They make a simple wedge fitting to put just in front of rudder . Some sharpen leading edge . Personally haven't done it but have cutter on...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   03-15-2014
Replies: 69
Views: 3,845
Posted By outbound
Re: Is sailing intuitive?

She owns a fine boat. She's done some homework .she has limited time to be on the water. This is much like what my wife is going through.
Step one - get rid of fear. Had her sail with me through one...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   02-15-2014
Replies: 45
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Posted By outbound
Re: financing a boat

Essex was not helpful to me. I'll send you a pm for a loan broker. She shopped it for me and came in significantly lower with much better terms.
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   02-15-2014
Replies: 32
Views: 2,433
Posted By outbound
Re: First Bottom Job

Need to check with your yard as well. Stuff is very toxic.Due state or federal law they may not allow wet sanding unless effluvium is collected and properly disposed of. In our local yards you are...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   02-07-2014
Replies: 2,750
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Posted By outbound
Re: Voyaging on $500 per month

Sure wish you guys went back to concrete suggestions. Some were great and I learned a lot. One of the reasons some folks on the 3k/m are on the 3k/m thread is they respect and learn from all those...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   02-05-2014
Replies: 46
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Posted By outbound
Re: Sleeping preference?

You only need to unsnap the ones near the boards edges. For the forward queen a non issue as the whole thing lifts on hydraulic cylinders. For the aft quarter berth just don't snap together where the...
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