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Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   4 Weeks Ago
Replies: 36
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Posted By jimkyle99
Re: tiller pilots: simrad or raymarine????

For giggles try calling customer support for each and see if there is a difference.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   05-20-2015
Replies: 33
Views: 2,153
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: What is your favorite sailing Novel?

I gotta say it - all of the Patrick O'Brian Master and Commander series
Forum: Seamanship & Navigation   04-02-2015
Replies: 2
Views: 609
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: New to This

I don't know the answer to your question but I use Garmin charts and find if you root around on the websites long enough you can find the answer to most compatibility questions.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   04-01-2015
Replies: 40
Views: 2,979
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Any Solo Sailors?

I'm 73 years old and single hand a 31 foot boat on the Texas gulf coast. I have autopilot, furling 135 jib, and self tailing 2 speed winches. I usually end up having to go to the mast to raise or...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   02-08-2015
Replies: 32
Views: 3,232
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Jib sheet knot catching on stays...

What these guys said. I have a similar problem with my genoa hanging up on the shroud. Let the genoa back fill a bit before fully releasing what is now the windward sheet and let the knot blow past...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   04-25-2014
Replies: 47
Views: 6,975
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Precision Sails or North Direct.....

I bought a sail from Precision this winter and I would not again. While we were in the hard sell phase they said it would ship in three week, maybe four. It took ten weeks and at that they shipped it...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   03-15-2014
Replies: 13
Views: 926
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: LED color

I recently bought a masthead tricolor-with-anchor light, which came with two different LED bulbs. It said to use the warm light in the tricolor and the cool light for the anchor light. I assume the...
Forum: Seamanship & Navigation   12-14-2013
Replies: 41
Views: 3,903
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: sailing on 'headsail'

I think my answer is in here some place:(1) If I went down to the dock and found the wind was +25kns in my face my next move would be to check the dock lines and head back to the coffee shop with my...
Forum: Seamanship & Navigation   12-13-2013
Replies: 41
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Posted By jimkyle99
Re: sailing on 'headsail'

No offence taken. I'll consider what you said and do some research. But I'm having trouble imagining the conditions where spilling reefed main and a jib is not a better balanced plan than jib alone....
Forum: Seamanship & Navigation   12-13-2013
Replies: 41
Views: 3,903
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: sailing on 'headsail'

In my boat at least, a mast-head sloop with a fin keel, sailing with head sail alone is a downwind exercise. It is impossible to sail higher than about 90' to the wind and therefore almost impossible...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   12-10-2013
Replies: 36
Views: 3,374
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Boat naming conventions

"Nothing that sounds stupid or confusing on the radio."

You mean like "Daisy May" or "Sweet Cutie" (that's a joke Guys)
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   12-10-2013
Replies: 36
Views: 3,374
Posted By jimkyle99
Boat naming conventions

Somewhere else there's an ongoing thread about odd boat names and that raised a question for me about traditional boat names. The US Navy have their names by class of ship and commercial ships seem...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   11-28-2013
Replies: 166
Views: 10,042
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Nothing has changed in 50 years...many sailors still can't navigate...

"I could use suggestions as to what books would be best or even adequate on the
subject of navigation. Almost all the books on line are from used book sellers."

There's a lot of good...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   11-09-2013
Replies: 14
Views: 1,851
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Halyard Slap

Are you sure it's the halyards that are slapping and not the wiring inside the mast? That's a little tougher problem to solve but possible the next time you un-step the mast.
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   10-19-2013
Replies: 28
Views: 1,770
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Uses for totally shot sail?

Make anoraks (pullover windbreaker) out of the material.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   10-14-2013
Replies: 18
Views: 1,328
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: sideways on anchor?

I have a similar boat that also likes to hunt at anchor. If the waves are not large you can anchor off the stern quarter. That is bring the rode back to a stern cleat and let the boat ride stern...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   10-13-2013
Replies: 19
Views: 1,065
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: What would you call this type of rig?

Topsail gaff-rigged cutter?
It needs a mizzen mast to be a topsail schooner.
I'm guessing here.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   10-12-2013
Replies: 22
Views: 1,949
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Tanker Dismasts Sailboat

Who is suing whom? Surely the tanker didn't suffer damages and from just that video the sailboat doesn't appear to have much of a case. What was the outcome of the trial?
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   10-06-2013
Replies: 173
Views: 31,070
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Violent attack, Cruisers injured, St Vincent & Grenadines, Union Island

For what it's worth that grillwork on the companionway looks like it wouldn't stop a determined dog let alone a 230lb pissed-off felon. One good pull and it's gong to jump out of its tracks. I would...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   10-04-2013
Replies: 28
Views: 1,367
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Deviation

"There also is a DIY option and much info on google"

If you're into paper there is a pretty good description of how to swing the compass in the two sailing bibles Chapman's Pilotage and Annapolis...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   09-29-2013
Replies: 6
Views: 1,231
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Sextant only illegal!

From the SOLAS website:
"The SOLAS Convention in its successive forms is generally regarded as the most important of all international treaties concerning the safety of merchant ships."
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   09-29-2013
Replies: 57
Views: 12,817
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: We're getting hosed

Still worth reading or re-reading as the case may be.
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   07-28-2013
Replies: 16
Views: 1,677
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Cradle with wheels?

I have a 22' keel boat (2600lb dry) and the cradle sits on a standard tandem flatbed trailer, and there is lots of them around. I have thought bolting the cradle to a skeletonized farm wagon would...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   07-27-2013
Replies: 4
Views: 726
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Polarity of LED lights

They should be diode protected against a reverse voltage any way but yes, red = hot (+), black = ground (-)
Forum: Cruising & Liveaboard Forum   07-20-2013
Replies: 12
Views: 2,232
Posted By jimkyle99
Re: Storage of firearms on board

By way of partially answering my own question this is from the Oregon Hunter Safety Course (my state). "The same rules apply as when transporting firearms in a vehicle—unload and case firearms...
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