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Forum: Gear & Maintenance   4 Days Ago
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Posted By jimrafford
Re: Need Lewmar 65 bases made

A friend has a milling facility and does work for lewmar. Email the prints to me and i will forward them to you.
pm me for email address
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   1 Week Ago
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Posted By aremmes
Re: Independent bilge alarm

A reverse Google image search of the picture that you attached came up with the model number LD-63HS. A search for that turned up a link to what looks like the manufacturer...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   1 Week Ago
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Posted By jhwelch
Re: Trouble in Rockland, ME

capta, going to Maine will get you away from the overcrowding you have written about. Yes, some places in Maine are full and if you want to visit them you will have to take a rental mooring but you...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   1 Week Ago
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Posted By DonScribner
Re: Trouble in Rockland, ME


(just reread my post. Comes off as belligerent. Sorry. Meant to be a friendly berating. Add a grain of salt, sea salt)

Are you nuts? Maine is premier sailing territory. We don't...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   2 Weeks Ago
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Posted By Minnewaska
Re: Trouble in Rockland, ME

Capta, next time you're nearby, drop me a line. I will send you to as many free and wonderful anchorages as you have time to visit. The dinghy dock by the firehouse in Bristol, RI, has no time...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   3 Weeks Ago
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Posted By RichH
Re: Fuel filter quandary

The 3358 is 10ÁM nominal rating; 3124 is 6ÁM nominal rating; both rated for 6-8 gpm max. flowrate ... since they both have nominal ratings, no significant difference, other than the 6ÁM might...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   05-09-2015
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Posted By RichH
Re: Asym sizing

Your J is ~19ft.
Your I is 58.ft
A proper Asymm for the P53 will be in the 'range' of 160-170% LP =
= 19 x 58 x (.75) x 1.65 = approx. 1360 sq. ft.

An average sloop 45'er
J= 16'
I = 45...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   04-24-2015
Replies: 23
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Posted By Faster
Re: Furling line death trap

Don't have a real good pic of this handy, but here you can see our foredeck.. I posted this pic earlier to show a 'clean' way to stow the pole between sailing days (no dust/dirt under the pole or...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   01-27-2015
Replies: 43
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Posted By Delezynski
Re: Refrigerator Box Design

Just a note.....

Ours made ice in the summer in the Sea of Cortez, Air temps over 100 F. (day AND NIGHT) and water temps well over 95 F.

We have been to Panama, Tahiti, Easter Island, Australia...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   01-12-2015
Replies: 7
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Posted By jackdale
Re: Course plotting coastal navigation

I have some but they are specific to Canadian chart 3462 and use Canadian Tides and currents.

These might work, but you need the ASA chart
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   01-04-2015
Replies: 43
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Posted By jhastie
Re: Where do you mount your chart plotter?

Your answer my be in going to Railblaza - Hold Everything... with RAILBLAZA Versatile, easy to use mounting systems and accessories for Leisure and Adventure Sports on and off the water...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   12-04-2014
Replies: 20
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Posted By JonEisberg
Re: Roller Furling Answers and Opinions Desired

LOL! "Young pup", eh? Don't I wish... :-)

Argyle already covered some of this, I agree with his take... In my opinion, low stretch line is important in a furling line... It's well worth spending...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   11-08-2014
Replies: 14
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Posted By travlineasy
Re: Rockweed !@#$!!

Many years ago, when I made my living as a freelance, outdoor writer, I wrote an article in the Washington Post about the Chesapeake Bay Cleanup program, one that was less than flattering. CBF...
Forum: Weather   10-19-2014
Replies: 107
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Posted By MarkofSeaLife
Re: Tropical Storm Gonzalo... Ooops!

No. I know the boat but not the owners. Yes, it looks like an easy lift and drop with a crane.

Before the hurricane most of the yards were full so its very difficult to be lifted out at the...
Forum: Seamanship & Navigation   10-06-2014
Replies: 12
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Posted By MarkofSeaLife
Re: approaching land/harbor but too tired -- heaving-to as technique

What happens to the poor clown who finishes behind you? Or are you always last? :laugher
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   08-30-2014
Replies: 9
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Posted By svzephyr44
Re: Spinnaker dowser

At the top of the rig should be a double loop - most likely steel. The top of the spin gets attached to the bottom (inside) and the top of the loop gets attached to the spin halyard. On the...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   08-23-2014
Replies: 20
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Posted By flandria
Re: in mast furling issue


Again, thanks to all of you who offered suggestions on how to solve my problem. I also consulted my local sailmaker who actually came up with the "winning idea".

It turns out that...
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   03-29-2014
Replies: 33
Views: 1,732
Posted By RichH
Re: Bottom slime

A clean bottom will be faster due to the creation of more stable 'boundary layer' flow quite near the surface ... an area of relatively low speed water very close to the hull which as a result,...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   02-28-2014
Replies: 62
Views: 4,440
Posted By bobmcgov
Re: Alternative to Solar

Nope. Teh box does not care how heavy or light the item it is attached to is. The controlling momentum resides in the weight (piston, pendulum, whatever) inside the magic box. What matters is...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   02-21-2014
Replies: 20
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Posted By Omatako
Re: Refrigerator space filler


A space filler does not have to be an inert lump.

How is your fridge box situated in the boat? Is there a "front wall" that is accessible?

The reason for the question is that the...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   02-12-2014
Replies: 30
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Posted By capt jgwinks
re: USCG 6 Pack License

I have been teaching the OUPV and Master courses for over 10 years. In my experience it is well worth the tuition to take a USCG approved course as the test is then given by the school, not the CG....
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   02-09-2014
Replies: 7
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Posted By Total Chaos
Re: Inspection Aloft

Preface: I am not an expert.., but that weld does not look in any way structural to me.
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   02-03-2014
Replies: 87
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Posted By 4arch
Re: composting toilet-should we do it

We had a composting head for the last three years of owning our previous boat. The premise of sailing around with a tank full of liquefied waste was never very appealing to us so we were delighted to...
Forum: General Discussion (sailing related)   01-20-2014
Replies: 19
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Posted By billyruffn
Re: Route from Maine to North Carolina

I've made all the parts of this trip. Some of them 20 times or more. Here's my suggestion for routing. How many stops you make will depend on wind, weather, tide and time, and number of crew.
Forum: Gear & Maintenance   01-12-2014
Replies: 19
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Posted By svHyLyte
Re: Stainless or galvanized cable for steering cables?


In your case, stainless may be a better choice--different ships, different long splices. Note, however, it is not tension on a cable or rust, alone, that causes wear/deterioration but...
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